What's My Day Like?

Tony, prep

I enjoy math because you communicate with your fellow classmates. It’s like having a conversation with your friends instead of one teacher talking the whole time. We understand that some of us take longer to solve a problem than others. We’re all there to help each other.

Learning math the Exeter way has been interesting. At Exeter each student picks a problem to explain on the board.

Before coming to Exeter, I was used to desks and rows. I never had an oval table. I find the Harkness style of teaching more effective. I’m learning more than I ever learned my whole life. Not just about classes but about life, values and choices. I feel this strongly in math – it almost feels like it was designed for math. I enjoy it in all my classes. Just one student explaining is all it takes.

In math, the only evaluation you get is on tests. Homework is strictly for learning and discussing.

We’re working on a group activity with a laptop. We used an application to plot points and graph lines, and find intersection points and slopes of lines.

Mr. Bergofsky is a great teacher. He’s very enthusiastic. He definitely explains everything in depth and he’s sympathetic toward people who take a little longer to learn. He’s an all-around good guy.

Math at Exeter is a lot different than where I was before. We used to just do homework problems and hand in our sheet in the morning.

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We’re calculating net forces with friction and gravity and normal force. The problem was interesting because you thought you had it right, but then you discovered there were a couple more steps to go.

Ms. Waterman is awesome. She has a great personality. She’s a really good life teacher as well as science teacher. She’s always making jokes too.

I’ve taken a little physics before. Overall it’s a very tough subject for me. I prefer bio to physics. But, physics is really cool because it explains everything.

My classmates and Ms. Waterman explain and go over problems well. I can understand what’s going on in the class easily.

Harkness during labs is cool because you can share your lab data and reports with the whole table. Everyone can compare and find errors. The atmosphere here is structured for learning. The community, the academics, the teachers and the students are all top-notch. We’re surrounded by good resources.

I enjoyed doing the ball and cup lab in this class. We used formulas for horizontal and vertical projectiles, velocities, distances and times. I did this with Rohan and Anna. We had to calculate where to place a cup on the ground so that it would catch a projectile marble from a raised ramp.

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I’m with my friends Will, Ryan, Claudia, Oliver, Audrey and Alice in the Academy Center.

Three of them live in the dorm with me. We’re all pretty tight friends. Usually during free period we go over homework, talk about life and eat some food from the Grill.

I’m helping Ryan with his homework for a few minutes before going back to the dorm. I’m also checking my P.O. box. It’s awesome to receive packages from family back home.

About once or twice a week I give tours for the Admissions Office during free period. Tours are fun because I remember taking one myself. I know how it feels. It’s nice to make someone feel comfortable and show them Exeter.

I love the freedom with responsibility we have at Exeter. You have room to improvise and change around your schedule. It’s really cool that we’re allowed to go off campus – so long as you’re back for the next appointment or check-in. It’s fun to go to town to get dinner. Las Olas is a good Mexican restaurant that you can walk to.

I love my dorm. It’s amazing. We’re like brothers. We all look out for each other.

My dorm is a rival to Cilley dorm. We’re definitely better, but it’s fun to have a rival. 

I go back to the dorm to relax. My friends Nikhil and Will are with me. Nikhil is doing homework. Will and I are talking about the World Series and eating cookies. 

I like having a single room because you get a little privacy when you need to hunker down and get work done. And, if you’re feeling tired, you can take a nap. I take as many naps as I can.

I love dogs. I have a yellow Lab at home that I really love. When I was signing up for clubs, the Dog Walking Club seemed laid-back. 

I got a choice of 3 dogs. I ended up with Jackson, Coach Shang’s dog. Coach Shang is the assistant soccer coach.

Dog Walking is one of the Exeter Social Service Organization clubs. I’m also in Best Buddies which is a really amazing club. Once or twice a month we meet with teenage kids near Exeter that have disabilities or special needs. They come and we hang out with them for an hour and a half. It feels so amazing – they’re our closest friends.

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I eat at Elm St. Dining Hall. I love to eat. I always find something. Panini. Pasta. Salad bar. It’s a great time to socialize. We talk about upcoming sports events and past games, the concerts coming up on the weekend, things people are saying around campus and homework. You always hear a good amount of laughter in the dining hall. 

I’m with my friends Curran, Shelby, Hope and Sean.

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Mr. Samiljan is a really nice guy. He’s been here for a long time and knows everything about Exeter. He can help you in any way possible. 

He has some funny sayings and approaches to the work that make learning more enjoyable and exciting. It’s a good group of people. We all laugh together. We call each other by our Spanish names.

This is my fourth year of Spanish. We just finished Lola Lago. It was my first time reading literature in Spanish. It’s a good way to learn – it helps you develop speaking, reading and comprehension all at once.

I started Spanish when I was in grade school. I’m from Florida, where it’s a prominent language.

I’ll continue with Spanish until I fulfill my language requirement. Then hopefully I’ll take Italian my senior year. That would be fun. 

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Ms. Misenheimer is a really cool art teacher. She’s good at conveying information and letting students do what they want to do with their own projects. 

You can choose anything you want to carve or screen print. I chose an elephant and a basketball. The elephant reminds me of my grandma – the elephant was one of her favorite animals. And basketball is one of my favorite sports.

I’m printing on different-colored printmaking paper. The elephant’s pink and the ball’s silver. 

Ms. Misenheimer always encourages us to think outside the box, to think about odd combinations. She says, “Sometimes a mistake can lead to the biggest success.” She’s fun to be around – seems more like a friend than a teacher. She’s always helping you, laughing with you. She’s a really good art role model. Life role model too. When things get tough, she just relaxes and lets things go as they go.

I enjoy ceramics and printmaking. They don’t require drawing and painting skills, which I’m not very talented at.

Art is a good class to relax in after a hard day’s work.

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Soccer has been a great experience. It’s my first year ever playing goalie. I used to play defense. When I tried out, they said, “You’re a tall guy. We want you to play goalie.” It’s been a quick learning experience.

Mr. Cosgrove is an amazing coach. He’s been really supportive and helpful. He understands everything. He knows what to expect of everyone on the team. He expects us to work hard, and always wants us to have fun.

The team’s mostly uppers and seniors. Only 2 preps and a few lowers. All the older guys have taken me under their wing. I’ve had a couple of prep moments when I had to pick up the cones because I’m the youngest one on the team, but it has all been fun and fair. 

We’re practicing. First we do stretching and ball drills with our feet. Goalies warm up while the field players do their work. Field players shoot on us. At the end we play a scrimmage game. We work on different plays – crossing the ball and taking it out wide.  

We’re having a tremendous season. I’m looking forward to 3 more years of soccer.

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Basketball is my love.

In the fall we play pickup basketball to get ready for the season. It’s pretty nonchalant.

Basketball at Exeter is an amazing experience. I’ve been selected for the varsity team. Coach Tilton is a great coach and a really fantastic guy. He’s my adviser too. He had us over for dessert a couple of times at his house. We hung out and talked.

I’ve learned more about basketball in fall semester than I have from the rest of my previous experiences. Mr. Tilton comes to pickup sessions sometimes and talks to us. He knows what he’s talking about. There are some really talented PGs and seniors. Alex, Cam, Ryan, Showly, Blake, Trevor – they’re all good players and fun to hang out with. I also enjoy spending quality time on the court with my brother, who’s a senior on the team. 

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