Meet the Teachers

Amy Schwartz

During the winter months, you can catch her on the ice every Monday night.

B.A. Wesleyan University; M.A. University of Kansas. Appointed 2001.

Student/teacher relationship: "Relationships can run deep here. We see each other as people, in three dimensions, rather than as ‘student’ or ‘teacher.’”

On Harkness teaching: "There are usually 12 to 13 students around the table, so I work hard to help create an atmosphere where they feel pulled into the discussion, rather than pushed in. And I work to relax the students, trying to make it more about the ideas than their performance."

Passions: Sports, particularly biking and ice hockey. “I’m not very good, but it’s great exercise,” she says of hockey. “I also swim and play squash. As a coach, I feel it’s part of my job to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.” She also enjoys reading, cooking, throwing dinner parties, gardening, and spending summers in Maine. She is in the process of building a cabin in Maine.

Advice: "The most important thing is to come here for yourself—not for your parents or to get into a better college. It's a truly challenging environment, and you can embrace the sacrifice if you’re doing it for you. It’s not a place to go to please someone else, and knowing you chose it for yourself will be what gets you through the difficult times."

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