Dawn Perkins

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Dawn Perkins


Keene State College


My road to Exeter was paved by business, tradition and family.

I grew up in a family business in Hampton, New Hampshire: the Margaret M. Junkins Candy Shoppe. As the granddaughter (and a huge admirer) of owner Margaret M. Junkins,I spent my summers and after-school time working behind the confectionary cases on the boardwalk of Hampton Beach, where Junkins Candy had been a beloved staple since the early 1930s. Although I loved working alongside my grandmother, learning the business and making connections with the customers every season, I had always imagined myself building a career in education. I attended Keene State Teaching College, and after a couple of years, I made the decision to return home, enroll in business courses and assist my aging grandmother in the operations of the family business. A decade later, when family circumstances resulted in the closing of Junkins Candy, my teacher husband and I opened Exeter Candy Company on Water Street. Exeter Candy Company was a successful venture, but after several years, we were ready for career changes. We closed our business, my husband accepted an administrator position in an Exeter public school, and I was now ready to find my career outside of confections!

It was natural for me to find myself at home in an educational setting, as not only my husband but also my two daughters have also chosen the field as well. My love of tradition and family led me to the Academy. I truly enjoy connecting the Exeter family through reunions, receptions and regional events. Each day I enjoy working with Exonians all over the country to strengthen their connections to one another and campus. It is a treat to learn about their road to Exeter!

I live in Exeter with my husband. I enjoy travel, family vacations, reading and music.