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General Alumni Association

Exeter’s alumni body consists of approximately 21,000 former students and graduates, all of whom are members of the General Alumni Association (GAA). An executive committee of four officers represents the GAA, along with a board of elected and appointed directors. The GAA president and two vice presidents also serve as Academy trustees.

Throughout the year, GAA directors work with each other and with other Exeter alumni volunteers to help strengthen alumni connections with Exeter.  The Academy invites GAA officers and directors, and all alumni volunteers, to Exeter Leadership Weekend, a two-day event in the fall when volunteers hear from Academy leadership and receive training for the work they do to represent Exeter in their regions and among their classmates.

GAA Directors

In July 2018, the following GAA directors were appointed officers:
Ciatta Baysah  ’97, president
Dan Oakley ’80, vice president
Janney Wilson ’83, vice president
Jim Bennett ’61, secretary

The GAA also elected new directors to a six-year term:
Una Basak ’90
Betsy Fleming ’86
Sam Maruca ’73
Joe Ngai ’93
Genisha Saverimuthu ’02

The following were appointed GAA directors with a two-year term.
Robert Baldi ’03
Tom Clark ’81
John Snow ’79

In June 2018, the following directors completed their terms on the GAA board:

Officers: Wole Coaxum ’88, president; Jackie Hayes ’85, vice president; Nancy Wilder ’75, vice president.

Directors: Camilla Field ’93, Peter Leslie ’54, Nate Moulton ’14, Laura Schwartz ’82, Emily Stone ’03, David Walsh ’05.