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As the national and global events of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold, creating additional impact on our communities and casting new uncertainty on public gatherings, the Academy continues to thoughtfully consider the best courses of action for everyone’s safety. It is in this light that we have made the difficult decision to once again reschedule reunions for classes ending in 0 and 5. Those classes will now be invited to return to campus next Spring to celebrate alongside classes ending in 1 and 6. Please see below for specific dates by reunion class.

While we are deeply disappointed to not have reunions on campus this year, we look forward to the opportunities for exciting and new programming this new format will generate. We are also incredibly proud to see the virtual connections being made across so many Exeter classes as our community comes together in support of each other and the Academy. It is a true testament to the strength of the bonds shared across generations of Exonians.

Thank you for your continued understanding as we move forward through this together. Please check back here in the coming weeks for updated information regarding hotels and registration.

People walking on the paths of the academic quad at Exeter.

“We come back for the place.”

Exonians share what they love about returning to campus.

May & June 2021

Classes ending in 0 or 5 and 1 or 6 — we look forward to seeing you on campus in 2021!

Registration and attendee information coming soon.

New Reunion Dates

May 20-23, 2021

50th Reunion : Classes of 1970 & 1971

45th Reunion : Classes of 1975 & 1976

25th Reunion : Classes of 1995 & 1996

May 25-27, 2021

75th Reunion: Classes of 1945 & 1946          

70th Reunion: Classes of 1950 & 1951          

65th Reunion: Classes of 1955 & 1956

June 11-13, 2021

60th Reunion: Classes of 1960 & 1961                      

55th Reunion: Classes of 1965 & 1966          

40th Reunion: Classes of 1980 & 1981          

35th Reunion: Classes of 1985 & 1986                      

30th Reunion: Classes of 1990 & 1991                      

20th Reunion: Classes of 2000 & 2001                      

15th Reunion: Classes of 2005 & 2006

10th Reunion: Classes of 2010 & 2011          

5th Reunion:   Classes of 2015 & 2016

Children’s Program

Children are welcome at reunion. However, if you think your child would enjoy meeting other children while visiting, we will offer a children's program for ages 2 to 13 during both reunion weekends (May 20-23 and June 11-13). The program includes childcare in the morning (8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and evening (5-10:00 p.m.), activities, all meals, snacks and Friday evening entertainment.

View last year’s program here. For more information, please contact Kim Casey at kcasey@exeter.edu or 603-777-3370.


For general questions and to connect about next year's reunions: