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While the Lamont Gallery is currently closed to public visitors, our exhibitions and related programs are still available virtually.
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Visual Conversations
Drawing workshop with Maud Bryt ‘83

Thursday, March 4, 2:30-4:00 EST

Artist Maud Bryt ‘83 uses simple materials – ink, watercolor and paper – to explore relationships between forms in her environment. In this drawing workshop, Maud will lead students in making an observational sketch through to a finished abstract drawing which will embody both analysis and expression. 

This workshop is open to all; no art experience is necessary and we will use simple materials that everyone has access to.

Please register using this link by Tuesday, March 2

Image credit: Maud Bryt ‘83, In The Studio, 2020, digital drawing


Unconventional Fashion and Sustainability
Artist Talk with designer Millicent Dunstan ‘15

Thursday, March 11, 3:00-4:00pm EST

Millicent Dunstan’15 is a New York based designer and fine artist whose work exists in the world of subversive fashion and sustainability. Millicent creates counterculture and punk inspired clothing pulling from alternative materials from our everyday lives as a means of creating garments that are less harmful to the environment. Join us in this virtual talk to learn more about Dunstan’s process and inspiration.

Please register using this link by Tuesday, March 9


Image credit: Millicent Dunstan ‘15, Plastic Fantastic Jacket & Pant, Spring 2019, Upcycled fabrics, bubble wrap, plastic bags, electrical tape, upcycled chains. Photo by Ben Lucas Jones


Flora and Female

Artist Panel with Alexandra Carter ’04 & Tiffanie Turner '88

Wednesday, March 17, 4:00-5:00pm EST


Alexandra Carter ’04 and Tiffanie Turner '88 both create works that incorporate floral and natural imagery in their work in exploration of the female form. Carter, who grew up on a cranberry farm in New England, feels tied to this berry which has become a symbol of personal identity for her. In her paintings, berries and botanical illustrations replace and adorn parts of the female body. Turner creates botanical sculptures out of crepe paper – some of her flowers are massive in scale bringing each delicate detail on full view. These works are “meditations on our tolerance of aging and imperfection” and embrace imagery of the female body.


Please register using this link by March 15.


Image credits: Alexandra Carter ’04, The Passion of New Eve (for Günter 1964), 2018, Ink and image transfers on drafting film, 81”x 61”

Tiffanie Turner ’88, Specimen G (Prolapsed Rose), 2019, Paper mâché and Italian crepe paper, 25”x 22"x 12.5”. Photo credit: Shaun Roberts Photography.


The Art of Kinetic Light
Artist Talk with Lindsay Packer ‘91

Thursday, March 25, 3:00-4:00pm EST

Artist Lindsay Packer ’91 creates immersive, light-based installations and performances using color, light, movement, and sound. Engaging viewers with moving geometric shapes and shadows, she plays color and light against architecture and found objects. Join us for this virtual artist talk to learn more about Packer’s work and her process.

Please register using this link by Tuesday, March 23.

Image Credit: Lindsay Packer, performance still, CALL AND RESPONSE: ECHOLOCATION, created and performed with Fan Letters, 2019. Photo by Cameron Kelly McLeod courtesy ISSUE Project Room


Environment & Emotion
Artist Conversation with Dustan Knight ’76, Brittany Otto ’08 & Wendi Yan ‘18

Thursday, April 1, 3:00-4:00pm EST


Join us for a virtual artist conversation with Dustan Knight ’76, Brittany Otto ’08 and Wendi Yan ’18. Using very different materials and techniques, these three artists construct, imagine and interpret environments in their work while also exploring emotion. Knight creates expressive, abstracted landscapes of the places where she grew up and still lives. Otto uses layers of cut paper and light to create delicate, dark, and other-worldly environments that explore personal topics. As a new media artist and filmmaker, Yan constructs digital, virtual worlds that explore the boundaries of self-consciousness.


Please register using this link by March 31

Image Credit: Wendi Yan ’18, MasC, 2019, Virtual environment


Moments in Wax
Artist Talk with Evie Lovett ‘84

Tuesday, April 13, 3:00-4:00 pm EST


In our current exhibition, photographer and encaustic artist Evie Lovett ’84 shares her paintings inspired by the freezing and thawing of the Connecticut River. Lovett creates these works through layers of collaged historical photographs, text, colored pigments and opaque and translucent waxes. Join us to learn more about her work and to see demonstrations of Lovett’s encaustic painting process.


Please register using this link by April 12

Image Credit:  Evie Lovett ’84, Thaw #45, 2019, Encaustic and mixed media on panel, 12”x12”


Witnessing and Weaving the Brain
Artist Conversation with Kate Gridley ‘74 & Barbara Rita Jenny ‘84

Thursday, April 22, 3:00-4:00


But what do these scientific portraits of the brain tell us about the inner workings of the mind and the inner workings of personal perception and human nature?” Kate Gridley ‘74

In their recent bodies of work, both Kate Gridley ‘74 and Barbara Rita Jenny ’84 reflect on and explore the brain, neurological circuits and the science and humanity of memory. Even though their areas of investigation overlap, the works they create and the materials they use take very different paths.

In her series Witness Mark: Anatomy of a Memory, Gridley is creating a “metaphorical portrait of a memory” with 100 photo-realistic still-life paintings that are displayed in a pattern that evokes a neuronal structure. While Jenny, in her Dura Mater series, creates large scale, lacy laser-cut discs of interwoven brain cell forms—the spidery glial cells that activate to heal the damaged brain.

In this conversation we will learn more about the overlapping themes these two artists explore and the departure each takes to study, witness and interpret the mind.


Please register for this event using this link by Tuesday, April 20.

Image credit: Barbara Rita Jenny ’84, Astroglial (re)constellation, 2020, installation at Roux Institute Northeastern University, Portland ME, Lasercut hand-chromed PET-G, Approx. 6’ x 18’


Meditations on Life and Landscape
Artist Talk with Elizabeth Gardner ‘83

Wednesday, May 5, 3:30-4:30 EST


The meditative landscape photography of Elizabeth Gardner ’83 is deeply embedded in how she lives her life with roots in philosophy and poetry and how she, like so many others, has transmuted the ache of living into beauty and strength. Please join us for this virtual artist talk to learn more about the Gardner’s work and process.

Registration link will be available in March.

Image credit: Elizabeth Gardner ’83, Summer Solstice, Photograph



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