Sustainability Commitments and Reports

Our Environmental Mission

Principal Rawson, Warren Biggins, Exeter's manager of sustainability and natural resources and members of the Environmental Stewardship Committee, have updated the Academy's environmental mission statement, originally published in 2004. The revised mission states:

Phillips Exeter Academy is committed to fostering a culture of sustainability in our community. Through our academic programs, we educate our students about the principles of sustainability and the threat of climate change and cultivate their capacity to take action. Through our operations, we will continue to manage our natural resources and campus facilities responsibly, reduce our environmental impact, and minimize our contributions to climate change.


Emissions and Energy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Natural Gas Use

Electricity Consumption


Environmental Stewardship Committee

The Environmental Stewardship Committee meets twice a month during the school year and is comprised of: Warren Biggins, Manager of Sustainability & Natural Resources; Andrew McTammany, Science Instructor & Sustainability Education Coordinator; Jason BreMiller, English Instructor; Sydnee Goddard, Science Instructor; Betsy Stevens, Science Instructor; Heather Taylor, Campus Planner and Architect, and Melinda Leonard, Director of Dining Services.

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