Create a dress from candy wrappers. Design a shoe and 3-D print it. Collaborate as you investigate form and function.

This course offers innovative studio projects in 3-D design, architecture, contemporary sculpture, fashion and apparel. The relationship between form and function and the visualization of concepts are fundamental for each studio project. Students learn three-dimensional rendering and building techniques to construct functional artworks using cardboard, wire, found objects, plastic and wood. The 3-D printing studio offers students the opportunity to design and print objects using cutting-edge technologies. Re-use and sustainability are emphasized throughout the term. Projects include sneaker/shoe modeling, 3-D font design, bag and apparel design, team projects, process sketches, preliminary models and patterns, and product prototyping. The term concludes with a final critique of student work and process sketchbooks. The rich variety of materials and creative, challenging projects offered in this course give students the opportunity to create a smart, vibrant art objects. In lieu of textbooks, there is a materials fee of $155.