Exeter Summer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to explore some of the commonly asked questions below for more details about Exeter Summer. 

General Information
What are the dates for Exeter Summer?

The Exeter Summer dates are Saturday, July 6 through Thursday, August 8, 2024.

Do I have to attend the full five weeks?

Yes, you are required to attend the full five-week session. Students who leave before the official end of Exeter Summer will not receive grades and teachers’ comments or any form of refund.

Will I receive credit or a certificate after completing Exeter Summer?

No, Exeter Summer does not grant credit or issue a certificate of completion to students who complete the program. Those seeking credit should make prior arrangements with their schools. Students who complete the full program will receive grades and teachers’ comments.

Are Exeter Summer faculty current Phillips Exeter Academy teachers and coaches?

The Exeter Summer faculty are a mix of both current Phillips Exeter Academy teachers and coaches as well as teachers and coaches from other secondary institutions and Universities. A majority of our summer faculty return to teach with us each session.

What is the Harkness method of teaching?

Harkness is a radically different approach to learning. Typically twelve students and one teacher sit around an oval table and consider the subject they prepared beforehand. Respect for every voice and collaborative problem-solving helps students take charge of their learning.  Read more about Harkness

How much homework will I have?

You can expect an average of one hour of homework per class each night.

Do I have to live on campus in order to attend Exeter Summer?

No, students who live close to Exeter can enroll as a day student. Day students must provide their own transportation to and from campus.

What are the dorms like?

Some dorms are large brick buildings accommodating 30 to 60 students each, and others are smaller wood-framed houses for 10 to 20 students each. Depending on the size, each dorm has 1 to 5 resident faculty members and 2 to 5 affiliate dorm faculty members. Note: Dorms do not have air conditioning and students cannot bring air conditioners. 

What are the technology requirements?

Students are required to bring a Chromebook or equivalent laptop device to Exeter Summer. Some courses require specific technology; review course requirements in the Access Exeter Course Catalog or Upper School Course Catalog.

What about a cell phone?

Students are required to bring a cell phone that can receive calls and texts with a U.S. based number.

How is Exeter Summer responding to COVID-19?

Consistent with recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), we continue to strongly encourage and recommend updated COVID vaccines for students and adults at Phillips Exeter Academy. We continue to monitor and be guided by most reliable public health information sources including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Admission Information
How do I apply?

The Exeter Summer application becomes available in early December for next summer. See How to Apply to Exeter Summer for more information.

How much does Exeter Summer cost?

Tuition information and a detailed list of optional courses and additional expenses can be found at Exeter Summer Tuition and Fees.  

When is the application deadline?

Qualified applicants are accepted on a rolling admissions basis until our program is full. The application closes on May 1. See to How to Apply to Exeter Summer for more information.

Does Exeter Summer have an age requirement?

To attend Exeter Summer, students need to be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old by September 1. 

How do I apply for financial aid?

Those applying for financial aid should indicate so on the Exeter Summer application prior to submission. The deadline for submitting a financial aid application is March 1. See Exeter Summer Financial Aid for more detailed information.

I am applying to Phillips Exeter Academy’s fall term. Do I still have to complete the Exeter Summer application?

You still need to complete the Exeter Summer application, submit a personal essay, and pay the application fee. If you have already submitted your application for the fall term, we can obtain copies of your recommendations and transcripts from the Admissions office.

On the Exeter Summer application, select “Yes” to the following:

·         you are also applying for the academic year,

·         we can acquire information from the fall admissions application,

If you are applying for financial aid to Exeter Summer, you will also need to complete a separate financial aid application. See Exeter Summer Financial Aid for detailed information.

Are application requirements different for a home-schooled student?

No, home-schooled students complete the same application with a few differences in the information provided. When providing current school information, home-schooled students should select 'Home School' from the dropdown list on the Academic Information page of the application. 

Home-schooled students are required to submit three (3) recommendations (English, Math or Science, and School Official) based upon the following requirements: 

  • If you have one teacher teaching all subjects (i.e. parent or instructor), they may complete all three recommendation forms.
  • Students who use tutors for English, Math or Science should have that tutor complete the appropriate recommendation.
  • For students who are currently enrolled in an English, Math or Science class with instruction by a teacher or third party (online or in-person), have the instructor for that subject complete the appropriate recommendation.
  • You must provide a grade report/transcript from the previous school year in addition to the most recent grade report/transcript.

You can review all the application requirements at How to Apply to Exeter Summer.

Programs & Courses
What programs do you have?

Exeter Summer has academic enrichment programs for middle school and high school students. Access Exeter is a cluster-based program for students who have completed grades 7 or 8. Upper School is for students who have completed grades 9, 10, 11, or 12. 

See the Access Exeter or Upper School pages for more information.

How do I create my class schedule?

Access Exeter students do not need to be concerned about creating their course schedule. You simply pick a cluster and we will arrange the schedule. Note: your alternate clusters should not be the same as your preferred cluster.

Upper School students select courses from each format (A, B, C, and D) and can indicate a preferred format combination on the application. From your selections, your course schedule will be created. Note: your alternate courses should not be the same as your preferred courses.

What does the daily schedule look like?

Classes, sports, assembly, and residential life time have meeting times Monday through Saturday; Sunday is unscheduled time with opportunities for students to participate in on campus activities and off campus excursions. See the Sample Daily Schedule for more details.

How many courses can a day student take?

Upper School day students may choose from one to three courses. You can also enroll in the SAT prep course (for an added fee) in addition to your other course(s).

Access Exeter day students choose a cluster comprised of three courses. You may also enroll in the SSAT prep course (for an added fee) in addition to your cluster.

Physical education is optional for day students.

How do I add SSAT or SAT prep?

You can indicate on your application that you want to enroll in the SSAT or SAT preparation course. If you submit your application without indicating SSAT or SAT and you would like the course added, you can email summer@exeter.edu to request the addition to your schedule.  

International Students
Are international students required to submit TOEFL scores to Exeter Summer?

No, the TOEFL is not required. All students must have a high level of English proficiency to attend the program. The coursework requires student participation in group discussions for all classes.

Does Exeter Summer offer an ESL program?

No, we do not offer an ESL program. All students applying to Exeter Summer must have a high level of English proficiency to be able to participate in our seminar-style courses.

What Visa will I need to attend Exeter Summer?

Based on the U.S. State Department Rules and Regulations, the appropriate status for travel to the Exeter Summer program is “Visitor” not “Student.” Please visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/tourism-visit/visitor.html for the most current information.

Do you offer financial aid to international students?

No, limited financial aid funding precludes us from offering financial aid to international students.

Should I bring a cell phone to Exeter Summer?

Yes, all students are required bring a cell phone. Students should check with their cell phone carrier or make other arrangements prior to arrival to ensure their cell phone will receive domestic and international calls and texts while in the United States.

Additional Questions?

We understand you may have questions that we haven’t answered here. Please email us at summer@exeter.edu, and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. 

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