Exeter Summer Tuition and Financial Aid

2018 UPPER School

Boarding Students: $8,900 (includes courses, room and board)

Day Students: $1,600 per course (includes course and lunch)

Optional Activities:

Academic Approach® SAT Prep Course: $995

Exeter Crew Club: $995

Seacoast United Soccer Club: $995

Exeter Elite Volleyball Club: $995

American Red Cross Lifeguarding: $499

Private Music Lessons:
   Full Lesson (five 50-minute lessons): $375
   Half Lesson (five 25-minute lessons): $225



Boarding Students: $8,900 (includes courses, room and board)

Day Students: $5,800 (includes courses and lunch)

Optional Activities:

Academic Approach® SSAT Prep Course: $995

Exeter Crew Club: $995

Seacoast United Soccer Club: $995

Private Music Lessons:
   Full Lesson (five 50-minute lessons): $375
   Half Lesson (five 25-minute lessons): $225


Students and families are responsible for the following:

Academy Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan: $250

  • Enrollment in the Academy Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan.
  • Optional for those who already have health insurance.

Textbooks, required course supplies, personal expenses, and optional off-campus field trips: $400 - $600

  • This is an approximate amount. The cost of textbooks and course supplies varies from course to course and from year to year. Accepted students will receive information about the LionCard, an on-campus spending account.

Travel expenses and arrangements to and from Exeter: Varies

  • All students must arrive on July 1 by 5:00 p.m. and depart by 2:00 p.m. on August 2


Within two weeks of acceptance, students must pay a non-refundable $1,500 deposit ($500 for day students) to secure their space. The deposit is credited toward your tuition. All balances are due on or before April 15. Students who are accepted after April 15 must submit payment in full (the payment includes the non-refundable deposit).


Commitments to faculty and staff, arrangements for students’ room and board, and other provisions for use and maintenance of Academy facilities are made in advance of Exeter Summer. They are based on anticipated student enrollment and are not subject to change. Therefore, after April 15, refunds will be issued only if there is a medical issue (with doctor’s certificate). Students who, after the opening of Exeter Summer, voluntarily withdraw for whatever reason or are required to withdraw will receive no refund of fees paid.

Financial Aid

Please check back for 2019 Financial Aid documents

Exeter Summer seeks qualified and motivated students from a variety of backgrounds. While financial aid funds are limited, we are committed to making Exeter Summer affordable to families with a range of incomes. Awards are determined by demonstrated need and do not cover the cost of incidentals, travel, books, SAT Prep course, SSAT Prep course, Rowing/Crew program, Seacoast United Soccer program, Volleyball program, Lifeguarding program or private music lessons.

  • Please be aware that being a candidate for financial aid places a student in a more competitive situation for admission.
  • Our limited resources preclude offering financial aid to international students.
  • Students who have received financial aid from Exeter Summer in the past are not eligible to receive financial aid again.

In order to be considered for financial aid, the following information must be submitted by all parents/guardians who are financially responsible for the applicant:

  • complete copies of 2018 or 2019 IRS 1040 forms
  • all supporting W2 forms and/or 1099 forms (from the same year as the IRS 1040 form)
  • completed Confidential Financial Questionnaire for all parents/guardians

All financial documents and a completed Exeter Summer Application including all letters of recommendation, current transcript, and essay must be received by February 15. Incomplete applications cannot be considered; applications received after February 15, may be considered only upon cancellation of earlier awards. Notification of financial aid admissions will be emailed no later than April 30. Applicants not admitted with financial aid may request to be reconsidered as regular full-pay applicants.

The Confidential Financial Questionnaire will be emailed to the applicant's preferred email address upon submission of a completed online application indicating that financial aid is being requested.

Only apply for assistance if financial aid is absolutely necessary.

Exeter Summer

20 Main Street, Exeter, NH 03833

603-777-3488 / summer@exeter.edu