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Exeter Summer Registration Day

All students (including day students) must check in at the Forrestal-Bowld Music Center (Tan Lane) on Monday, July 6 between the hours of 8am and 6pm. A detailed listing of registration procedures will be supplied when you check-in. If you arrive after 6pm, please notify the Exeter Summer Office immediately. The dining hall closes at 8pm so plan accordingly.

Both UPPER SCHOOL and ACCESS EXETER orientation consists of the initial dormitory meetings at 8pm on July 6 and the opening assembly Tuesday morning. We encourage students to arrive after 8am, but as early as possible, on Monday, July 6. This will allow students ample time to explore the campus, town and get to know fellow students. Day students are required to register on opening day and will receive their dorm affiliation and advisor information.

We cannot accommodate students on campus prior to arrival on Monday, July 6 or after departure on Saturday, August 8.

Registration Day Schedule - will be posted in June.