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'That's the beauty of it ...'

Emily Coombs '18 tells Exeter Humanities Institute participants about the elusiveness of the "perfect Harkness discussion" — and the joy of the pursuit.

Exeter alumnus Aubry Bracco
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Exeter People

On "Survivor," I realized "my Harkness training wasn’t just a skill, it was a superpower."

Aubry Bracco '04

Combat Surgeon Colonel Robert Lim ’87 in a Computer Science class at Exeter.
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Exeter People

“What started as some guys sitting in the back of a conference room is now the strongest meeting for military general surgeons in the world.”

Robert Lim ’87

Assembly and Speakers
Dr. Ned Hallowell at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Dr. Ned Hallowell ’68

At assembly, the psychiatrist and bestselling author takes Exonians inside the minds of those with ADHD. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” he says.