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CarlyMae and Lily Buckner
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“You always listen to every instrument just to get to know how your part collaborates with the others."

CarlyMae '21 Lily '22

Jericho Brown

Lamont Poet Jericho Brown

A jampacked Assembly Hall greeted the author of “The Tradition,” a 2019 National Book Award Finalist. “I write the poems I wish I was reading,” he said to Exonians at today’s Q&A.

Reflections on a Harkness class

Listening to understand and learning from others. 

Physics class at Exeter.

Teaching problem-solving

Harkness physics gives students the skills to approach all problems, even the most complicated.

Exeter alumna Julie Livingston speaks at assembly

‘Eternal economic growth is a fairy tale with a very unhappy ending.’

MacArthur Fellow Julie Livingston ’84 describes the “self-devouring growth” in Botswana. “You will write a new story: a smarter one, a fairer one,” she tells students.

Learning doesn't stop at the classroom door
Exeter People

“I treasure Exeter’s collaborative spirit and desire to create something greater.”