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Ronnell Johnson plays with Exeter Jazz Ensemble
The Exeter Bulletin

Big "E"asy

Visiting Preservation Hall Jazz Band All-stars bring New Orleans music center stage.


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Exeter People

"Music gave me the ability to participate in a way that made me feel so empowered, and like I belonged."

John Forte '93

Lamont Poet burns hot

Patrick Rosal lit up Assembly Hall on Wednesday night with a selection of the work that has earned him a long list of writing honors and his place among a prestigious list of Lamont Poets. Rosal delivered his verse at high volume, captivating his student audience. A standing ovation ended his visit. The Lamont Poet Series was established at Exeter in 1982. Past visitors have included poets laureate and presidential inauguration poets, including the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Gwendolyn Brooks, Seamus Heaney, Elizabeth Alexander and Donald Hall. 

The Josef's look out from their theater seats

Spotlight on the Josefs

Lauren and Jake share life and the stage together as they produce a wide range of performances in the Academy's state-of-the-art performance space, The David E. and Stacey L. Goel Center for Theater and Dance. 

lauren and jake josef
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Exeter People

“It's really like you're creating a team and trust between the whole group — a dynamic where we can be ourselves and come as we are.”

Lauren and Jake Josef

Claire Ashley's "Cosmic Gasp (Face of Boe)" in Rockefeller Hall
The Exeter Bulletin

Blown away

Visiting artist Claire Ashley's "Radiant Beasts" explode into some of Exeter's most iconic spaces. 

Natural woman

Poet Camille Dungy, a guest of the Environmental Literature Institute at Exeter, shared excerpts Monday from her fourth book, "Soil: The Story of a Black Mother's Garden," that recounts her seven-year quest to transform her nondescript lawn in a northern Colorado sub-division into an oasis for native flora. The project — and the book — serve as a metaphor to expose the perils of homogeneity and champion the importance of diversity in nature, in writing and in life.

Spring sail

The PEA Theater Department's spring performance of "Argonautika" was a refreshed look at the mythic journey of Jason and the Argonauts and the Greek epic poem, Argonautica.

EJ Barthelemy poses for a photo
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Exeter People

"I feel very supported here and it’s given me a chance to really hone my craft and share my work with others."

EJ Barthelemy '23