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The Nutcracker in Candy Land

Don't miss the Dance Company's fall presentation on the Goel Center's Mainstage this Saturday and Sunday.

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Exeter People

"Luxury is not a price point. It's a perspective of depth, of craft, and building a community around those things."

Jameel Mohammed '13

Cheryle St. Onge found support and an outlet for her love for teaching at Exeter.
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Exeter People

"My mom and I had an extremely beautiful, tight, fabulous relationship, and ... that still exists.”

Cheryle St. Onge

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Exeter People

"It’s necessary to investigate the stories we grew up with, and other stories that have been told throughout history, and how those have shaped us."

Alexandra Carter ’04

Exeter in the News

“American Mortal” at Lamont Gallery is a “thought-provoking exhibition that challenges political assumptions.”

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