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Kiesse Nanor playing piano

On the national stage

Hear Kiesse Nanor '22 perform on NPR's "From the Top" beginning the week of Sept. 7.

Exeter student Kiesse Nanor
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Exeter People

“That's the most important thing about Exeter — you make so many friends ... and you form really strong bonds."

Kiesse '22

Why I love teaching at Exeter: Kris Johnson

In the first of a series, Instructor in Music Kris Johnson describes what he appreciates most about Exeter students.

Osiris Russell-Delano at the microphone.
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Exeter People

"You realize ... at Exeter that not everything’s going to be easy ... but there are people there to support you.”

Osiris '21

Three Exeter students singing during a performance.

Lost in Transit

It wasn’t Venice, but the 16 student musicians whose trip there was short circuited by the coronavirus turned The Bowld into a magical place Thursday night.