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CarlyMae and Lily Buckner
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“You always listen to every instrument just to get to know how your part collaborates with the others."

CarlyMae '21 Lily '22

Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley (left) and Katya Davis '20 study the chess board in the last math of a 10-board simultaneous competition Thursday night, Jan. 8, 2020.

Masterful message

"Live your passion, and wake up every day feeling like 'This is what I want to do.'" Watch chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley (here playing Katya Davis '20) share his inspirational message with Exeter.


Thank you for this opportunity

The Exeter community is grateful to our supporters for all they do and all they give.

Assembly and Speakers
Exeter alumna Julie Livingston speaks at assembly

‘Eternal economic growth is a fairy tale with a very unhappy ending.’

MacArthur Fellow Julie Livingston ’84 describes the “self-devouring growth” in Botswana. “You will write a new story: a smarter one, a fairer one,” she tells students.