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Filip D. Sain

Instructor in Mathematics
Filip Sain

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is." —Multiple attributions


B.A. Cornell University

M.S. Northwestern University

Ph.D. Northwestern University


During several years in the defense and software industries, I saw the power of collaboration between people with different skills. Statisticians, political scientists, executives, economists — it took a combination of expertise in order to get the job done. As a member of such organizations, I realized the importance of clearly communicating quantitative ideas to a non-quantitative audience, and I have tried to bring that appreciation for mathematics as part of a broader view into the classroom. 

While teaching high school here in the United States, I spent two summers volunteering as a teacher in Uganda. Uganda's British-style curriculum covers a number of advanced topics not often covered in an American high school math curriculum, and it often takes a different approach to topics the two curricula have in common. In my experience, exploring a variety of approaches to problems yields a deeper understanding of mathematics for students. The Harkness pedagogy and Exeter’s math curriculum often lead to classroom discussions that I as a teacher have found very enlightening. The fact that the Math Department writes its own textbooks allows us to respond to the needs to our students; I enjoy being a part of editing our materials during the summers.

Outside of the classroom, I am dorm head in Soule Hall and assistant coach for varsity girls soccer.