Priscilla Nye MacMullen

Instructor in Modern Languages

"I love teaching the beginning levels of French, and the second year, where we begin to read real literature in this new language."


Yale University

Middlebury College


Though born in Eugene, Oregon, Mme MacMullen (Polly) has lived most of her life in New England. Twice, when she was quite young, her family spent a year in Italy, and that is where her love for languages began. A 1976 graduate of Exeter, she spent her upper year in France with School Year Abroad. In addition to her combined major in French and English literature, she studied Italian, Spanish and German while in college. She spent a summer in Italy and then a later one in Spain before focusing on French, and ultimately completed her master's degree in that language.

After college, Mme MacMullen started her teaching career at the Westminster School in Connecticut and then returned to Exeter to teach in 1984. Here, besides her French classes, she coached varsity, JV or ninth-grade lacrosse for more than twenty years and now serves as a timer/scorekeeper for the lacrosse and field hockey teams. She is also an adviser for one of the ESSO student clubs.

After completing her dormitory service as dorm head in Moulton House, Mme MacMullen moved to a 28-acre farm in nearby Brentwood, where she trains her two horses for competitions. In the summers she works in her gardens; she also makes hay from her fields and apple butter from her apple trees (plus multiple kinds of jams). Her dogs are Chesapeake Bay retrievers who love to swim in the river that borders her land.