Tuition & Financial Aid

Need-blind admissions: What does that mean for you?

Our admissions decisions are made without any regard for your family’s financial circumstance. And we meet 100% of the demonstrated need for every admitted student with grants that you do not pay back.

Why does this matter? Because the magic of Exeter lives in our ability to ensure equitable access and to create an environment where all students benefit from the diversity of viewpoints essential to real learning.

Will I Be Eligible for Aid?

Families making less than $75,000 pay no tuition, and we also have generous aid programs for middle- and upper-income families.

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Apply for Financial Aid

Learn how to submit the documents we need.

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Tuition & Payment Options

Choose from a variety of payment plans.

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assistance awarded as outright grants. No loans. Nothing to pay back.

As a single mother, I wondered how I could let my son go so far away and how in the world I would afford it. Tuition, airline tickets, textbooks … Exeter offered a financial aid package that made it all possible."


in non-tuition support. Books, laptops, music lessons, study abroad and more.