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Exeter Recognition Societies

Exeter would not exist, or be the remarkable school it is today, without the philanthropic foresight of you — our loyal alumni, families and friends. To show our appreciation for your generosity and all that it makes possible here at the Academy, we have created the following donor recognition societies. 

The 1781 Leadership Society

1781 Leadership Level


Alumni, family and friends who contribute $2,500 or more to the Academy in a single fiscal year are considered members of the 1781 Leadership Society. Year in and year out, we rely on these donors to buoy us, and we thank them for their visionary support.

The 1781 Leadership Society comprises the five donor recognition categories that follow.

The Exonians Circle

Exonians circle.

— $2,500 to $4,999 —

A source of both pride and connection, the Exonian identity is the mortar that holds together our remarkable alumni family. Individuals who make gifts at these levels provide us with the critical support that we need to continue educating tomorrow's leaders and are welcomed to the Exonians Circle. 

The Academy Circle

Academy Circle

— $5,000 to $24,999 —

Donors whose growing capacity allows them to make gifts at these levels are welcomed into the Academy Circle. Gifts like these bolster The Exeter Fund, and by extension every single student and instructor at the Academy.

The Principal's Circle

Principal's Circle

— $25,000 to $99,999 —

Like the Academy's principal instructors, who for nearly two and a half centuries have led this institution and its faculty and students, Principal's Circle donors are philanthropic standard-bearers. With gifts of $25,000 to $99,999, they significantly impact this community while simultaneously raising the bar for others. 

The Founders Circle

Founders Circle

— $100,000 or more —

Those members of the Exeter family who give $100,000 or more to the Academy are welcomed into the Founders Circle. Their generosity echoes that of our founders, John and Elizabeth Phillips, and marks them as donor pioneers.

The Big Red Club

The Big Red Club

— $250 to $1,500 or more —

Guided strongly by the principle of non sibi, Exeter's youngest classes continue to amaze us with their burgeoning philanthropy. In order to honor their efforts, we have created the following three donor categories, known collectively as the Big Red Club: 


Alumni through their 5th reunion who give $250 or more 

Alumni through their 10th reunion who give $1,000 or more 

Alumni through their 15th reunion who give $1,500 or more 

The Lion Rampant Society

Lion Rampant Society


We recognize with membership in the Lion Rampant Society all alumni who have loyally given back to the Academy in each year since graduation, as well as those donors who make gifts of any size over five consecutive years. Their annual contributions are foundational to our mission, and, like our mascot, demonstrate the strength of our community. 

The Heritage Circle

The Heritage Circle


Alumni, family and friends who indicate that they have made provisions for the Academy in their estate or retirement plans are designated members of our Heritage Circle. See the Heritage Circle brochure