Supporting Exeter's Future Through Endowed Gifts

The endowment comprises more than 1,400 individual funds established through generous support from generations of donors.

Exeter’s philosophy on endowment spending centers on maintaining purchasing power over the long run and providing consistent support to the annual operating budget. The amount spent in any one year is based 80 percent on the prior year’s spending (increased by inflation) and 20 percent on the market value of the endowment (as determined by a four-quarter trailing average) multiplied by Exeter’s endowment draw rate of 5 percent. Because it is only partially based on the current market value of the endowment, this spending formula helps shield the operating budget from short-term market volatility.

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Endowed Fund Options

General Named Endowment Fund

Provides the flexibility to support urgent needs and emerging initiatives.

Named Scholarship Fund

Partial $250,000 / Full $1,000,000
Allows Exeter to further its mission of enrolling youth from every quarter.

Global Initiatives Fund

Reduces the cost of programs for students participating in off-campus programs and supports faculty.

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Student Equitable Experience Fund

Ensures that all students have access to the same opportunities through support of programs, travel, clothing and books.

Faculty Professional Development Fund

Helps Exeter continue to maintain an exceptional faculty in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

General Athletics Fund

Supports equipment, uniforms, facilities enhancements and travel.

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College Counseling Officer

Allows the College Counseling Office to stay current in the fast-changing college admissions environment.

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Coaching Position

Supports the salary and benefits of the coach, and provides funds to support a team’s budget.

Academy Teaching Chair

Establishes the highest position of distinction, appointed by the principal, for a senior faculty member who has contributed in a significant way to teaching and learning at the Academy.

Financial Reports

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