The Exeter Fund

Your support sustains the hallmarks of an Exeter education, including small class sizes, a superb faculty and facilities and programs that allow students to achieve at their highest level.

Supporting Exeter students for 100 years (and counting).

The Exeter Fund ensures financial aid for nearly 50% of our students; 450+ courses and options for individual research; and unparalleled teaching from more than 200 instructors. Now, you can direct your gift to the area that means the most to you.


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Exeter's Immediate Priorities

Help sustain the Exeter experience for every student. By choosing this designation, you ensure your gift goes toward the Academy’s greatest operational needs for the year.

Support Immediate Priorities

Academic Excellence

Support the hallmarks of an Exeter education: world-class faculty in 16 academic departments; Harkness classrooms; and a curriculum of 450 courses. Your gift helps to sustain the 5:1 student/teacher ratio and provides opportunities for experiential and interdisciplinary learning.

Support Academic Excellence

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Student Financial Aid

Nearly 50% of Exeter students receive financial aid. Your gift helps to keep tuition far below the actual cost, and enables the Academy to extend financial aid to as many families as possible.

Support Financial Aid

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Equity & Inclusion

Support Exeter’s vision to ensure every member of the community has the tools to flourish. Your support will sustain the Office of Equity and Inclusion and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and provide community-wide training programs and curricular developments in support of creating a more diverse and inclusive campus.

Support Equity & Inclusion

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Health & Wellness

Fund the programs and people dedicated to fostering healthy adolescent development in our students’ lives. The Exeter Fund supports the school’s director of well-being; staffing and programming at the Lamont Health Center; our on-call licensed mental health professionals; the office of Campus Safety; and well-being initiatives for students and employees.

Support Health & Wellness

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Athletics is a cornerstone of the Exeter experience, promoting character development and collaboration. Nearly 70% of students participate on Exeter’s 60 interscholastic teams, representing 23 different sports. Your gift will support coaching and athletic training professionals, equipment, transportation costs, and maintenance of Exeter’s athletics facilities and fields.

Support Athletics

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The Arts

Fully half of Exeter’s students participate in music lessons, and Exonians can choose from 23 dance and theater courses. Your gift will directly support the professional faculty and staff, curriculum, materials and equipment required to maintain such high-quality access to the arts.

Support the Arts

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Global Initiatives

Exeter’s Global Initiatives program, an extension of the Harkness classroom, with 40 travel opportunities across five continents annually — each a vital lesson in global citizenship through experiential immersion. More than 400 students engage in off-campus programming every year. Your gift will directly support the Global Initiatives Office, including faculty and staff salaries, program development, and financial assistance for students who need it.

Support Global Initiatives

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