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Arts at Exeter: A bit of fire and ice

A totally original “Nutcracker,” Corneille’s “The Liar,” music concerts and advanced artwork round out the term before students leave on break.

Nicole Pellaton
November 30, 2017
"The Liar" performed at Exeter.

Teddy Scott, left, stars as Dorante in "The Liar." Cody Nunn, playing Philiste, and Anzi DeBenedetto, as Alcippe, look on. 

Truly a triumph: “The Liar” on the mainstage

They laughed. They cried. They lied. The fall mainstage production of Pierre Corneille’s “The Liar” was the culmination of 10 weeks of rewarding toil for cast and crew. Set in 17th century Paris, the farce posed a tall challenge for all involved, from the elaborate sets and costume design requirements to learning and delivering lines in comedic rhyme.

Directed by Sarah Ream with sets by Cary Wendell, costume design by Lauren Josef, and lighting and sound by Luke Ahlemann, the play received a huge thumbs-up from The Exonian in a review titled “The Liar’s On Fire.”

The following students starred: Jacqui Byrne ’18, Anzi DeBenedetto ’18, Milena DeGuere ’18, Miranda Derossi ’19, Sarah Hardcastle ’19, Cody Nunn ’18, Billy O’Handley ’18 and Teddy Scott ’18.

Why wait when Sugar Plum Fairies await?

Packed audiences adored Exeter’s first “Nutcracker,” a riveting performance that brought new life to this classic favorite. Comprising original choreography by Alicia Coble ’21, Fiona Madrid ’20, Kelly Mi ’20, Adeline Millman ’18, Katrina Schmitt ’19, Abby Zhang ’19, and dance instructors Amberlee Darling and Allison Duke, the show gave all dreamers – Exonians, community children, parents, faculty and staff alike —a perfect send-off for the Thanksgiving break. 



ART 500 Showcase

The accomplished students of ART 500 strutted their stuff in an end-of-term exhibit that showed just how imagination plus great teaching and facilities make magic happen. Works included ceramics, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing and 3-D design. 

As part of “The Syllabus Project,” Art Department faculty followed in the footsteps of the ART 500 students, developing projects based on the course curriculum and displaying their work alongside the students’. Their direct experience of the course will contribute to further refinements in the Art Department curriculum.

If you missed the ART 500 showcase, you’ll have a chance to see advanced work by students and faculty at the end-of-year exhibit at Lamont Gallery, opening May 17, 2018. 


A month of music

November was the month for music lovers, as the term culminated in soloist concerts and performances by all the ensembles.

If you missed November’s concerts, or simply want more, mark your calendars for the Holiday Concert on Dec. 17, which will be performed in The Bowld. Three performances on one afternoon: 1:00, 2:45 and 4:30 p.m. Can't make it to campus? All three performances will be broadcast on Exeter Live.