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Students thrive best when they have a support network to lean on. 

December 7, 2018
Tyler Caldwell, Dr. Katy Lilly, Rev Heidi Heath and Chris Thurber

Tyler Caldwell, Ninth-Grade Program Coordinator; Dr. Katy Lilly, Medical Director; Rev. Heidi Carrington Heath, Interim School Minister; and Dr. Chris Thurber, Psychologist.

Tyler Caldwell, Ninth-Grade Program Coordinator and English Instructor

How he supports students: Working with the dean of students, Caldwell plans and implements programs and special events to support preps in their orientation to the Academy, including their adjustment to Harkness, general health and well-being, and socialization.

What he loves about his job: “The ninth grade possesses a pure energy, a certain vibrancy, that gives me such joy, and I am thrilled to work with that particular group. I look forward to the opportunity to develop structures and experiences that support them and allow all ninth-graders to thrive in all areas of Academy life.” 

Words of wisdom: “Every day, try to substitute a half-hour of screen time (iPhone, computer game, Netflix) with a half-hour of some activity that nourishes you. Read, write in a journal, talk with a friend or faculty member, explore the outdoors, play an instrument, paint or draw, practice your sport, sleep.”

Fun facts: “I have a twin. [Editor’s note: She teaches at Exeter, too!] I own a border collie named Kip. I love to hike, and I just finished hiking all 48 4,000-foot mountains in New Hampshire this past summer.”

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Dr. Katy Lilly, Medical Director

How she supports students: Lilly is a board-certified physician with training in pediatrics and extensive interest and experience in adolescent medicine. As the new medical director for the Academy, she works with her colleagues at the Lamont Health and Wellness Center to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of Exeter students.

What she loves about her job: “I feel immensely fortunate to work in medicine; it is a gift to be able to work with patients to improve their health. I look forward to getting to know students on campus and working with them to develop individual wellness and campus-wide well-being.”

Words of wisdom: “Eat well. Sleep well. Practice kindness.”

Fun fact: “My family and I hold a Guinness World Record as part of a relay run for CHaD [Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock] — most superheroes gathered in one spot. The costume? The Incredibles family ... with 1,000 other awesome costumed runners.”

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Rev. Heidi Carrington Heath, Interim School Minister

How she supports students: An ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, Heath serves as the Academy’s interim school minister and provides spiritual guidance to students of all faith backgrounds.

What she loves about her job: “There’s so much to love! It’s a tie, I think, between doing dorm duty in Amen Hall (shout-out) and sitting with students and adults in our community to hear their stories one-to-one. It’s such a sacred gift of this job that listening to others’ stories is part of the work I get to do.”

Words of wisdom: “You can’t do everything. Spend time early on sampling lots of different options, and then focus in on the few things that really make your heart sing. Also, explore religious and spiritual life while you are here, whether you consider yourself religious or not. You might be surprised what you find!”  

Fun facts: “I attended grades K-12 in the same building, and I was once a lead singer in a band.”

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Dr. Chris Thurber, Psychologist and Instructor

How he supports students: A long-time member of Counseling and Psychological Services, Thurber provides counseling to students and offers training and consultation to faculty around a variety of adolescent-related issues.

What he loves about his job: “I love learning from other professional educators and then paying it forward by delivering professional development workshops that inspire thinking and compel action. I also love helping our amazing students be their best selves.”

Words of wisdom:Give, give, give. We are all our best selves when we work as servant leaders, when we tap into our signature strengths in service to others. Some people do this by giving resources; others by giving time; others by performing; others by setting a moral example.”