IRA charitable gifts for donors aged 70½ and older

Direct rollovers from qualifying retirement accounts can be a great philanthropic choice if you’re seeking tax relief and impact. 

November 1, 2018
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Recent tax law changes may be confusing, but there’s one charitable giving vehicle that carries a double benefit for certain donors. Formally called the Qualified Charitable Distribution, the idea is simple: donors aged 70½ and over can directly transfer funds from their IRA to PEA; these funds count toward required minimum distributions without adding to taxable income (unlike regular IRA withdrawals which increase taxable income). 

At a time when many taxpayers are unable to itemize, thereby losing the tax deduction for charitable contributions, the IRA charitable rollover provides a way to exclude from taxable income the full value of a gift, if you follow the rules. 

QCD requirements


  • You must be 70½ or older.
  • The gift must be made directly from your IRA to PEA.
  • QCD gifts to all charities combined cannot exceed an annual maximum of  $100,000 per taxpayer in a calendar year. 
  • The gift must be outright. 
  • For the QCD to count toward required minimum distribution, you must meet the deadlines (generally by December 31).


How do I initiate an IRA charitable gift?


  1. We recommend that you check with your financial advisor to make sure that a QCD is appropriate for your circumstances. 
  2. Consult the PEA Planned Giving page and contact Phil Perham (603-777-3594, with any questions about how to make your gift. 
  3. Ask your IRA administrator to initiate the transfer of funds.