Campus Erupts with Joy: No Classes Tomorrow!

At the height of lunch, a faculty flash mob in dining hall announces the annual day off from classes. 

May 10, 2017
Exonians film the announcement of Principal's Day.

Exonians film the announcement of Principal's Day.

In a surprise to students, teachers today announced Principal's Day in Elm Street Dining Hall. As Exonians ate, music erupted and faculty from all departments started dancing to the “Cupid Shuffle.”

Principal MacFarlane reinforced the message with a megaphone: Tomorrow is Principal’s Day. No classes.

Within seconds the news spread via Snapchat. Cheers could be heard in Wetherell Dining Hall and across campus.



Tomorrow, Exeter students will be able to sleep late. The forecast includes a little bit of rain and lots of ice cream.  

Principal's Day started under Exeter's 9th principal, William G. Saltonstall '24 (who led the school from 1946-63). Originally dubbed "St. Gurdon's Day” (after Saltonstall's middle name, Gurdon), the tradition continues today as a celebration of spring and a surprise day off from classes. The delivery of the message is half the fun. In recent years, the announcement of Principal's Day has come via Adirondack chair (80 new chairs positioned around campus overnight, with an invitation from Principal MacFarlane to sit down and relax), Instagram, encoded Caesar Box on the Facebook page of The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown '82, and through a riddle penned by English Instructor Todd Hearon.