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Exeter Mathematics Institute

Exeter Mathematics Institute (EMI) is an intensive, hands-on professional development program for public middle and secondary school mathematics teachers. Our goal is to improve mathematics education by working directly with teachers on mathematics content and pedagogy.

EMI consists of local one-week workshops offered during the summer in five to six school districts. All workshops are conducted as Harkness classes, based on the problem-based materials we use in classes at Exeter, and taught by Exeter mathematics instructors.

What makes EMI unique is the partnership forged between EMI and district teachers as they develop together the curricula for individual workshops. Now in its 26th year, EMI has partnered with school districts across the U.S. and in the U.K.

Summer 2019

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For questions, contact Laura Marshall at:

emi@exeter.edu or 603-686-2544

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Math that Sticks

We teach kids how to do math, not memorize rules. They apply it to things they care about. They learn to compare their solution to other solutions.

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PEA Math Materials

Discover how our problem sets, used in all our math courses and updated each year, help students learn through discussion.

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EMI Math Materials

See the activity books we’ve developed for EMI workshops.

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