Featured Speakers

We are pleased to present our featured speaker line up for 2017.


Ben Galluzzo, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Shippensburg University

"If Math (Modeling) is The Answer, What’s The Question?"

Numbers are regularly used to form opinions, justify arguments and make decisions. Far less common is an explanation of the factors involved in the numerical calculation and in many cases, the specific question under consideration. In this talk we’ll examine real world facts and figures through the lens of math modeling. In particular we’ll discuss tools for engaging students of all levels in math modeling and how identification of a meaningful question can motivate mathematical exploration.





Ralph Pantozzi, Ed. D., Mathematics Department Chair
Kent Place School

"Choose Your Own Adventure" 

Math is sequential, some say – until you start doing it (or teaching it). Like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s book series from the 1980’s, mathematics – and the ideas of our students  –  provide multiple opportunities for classrooms to be places where learners (and their teachers) actively make choices, leading to mathematical experiences that are unique, personal, and memorable. Join me in reflecting on the adventures that brought you and I to Exeter at this very moment, and we'll decide where to go next. We'll so some mathematics that will lead us in multiple directions, and examine practical steps for insuring that our students are the protagonists of their own mathematical stories.




George Hart, Research Professor – Engineering School
SUNY, Stony Brook University

"Making Math Visible"  

Just as exposure to great books can entice students to learn to read, beautiful mathematical objects may fuel students' desire to investigate topics in mathematics and give them an opportunity to acquire a positive lifetime perspective towards math.  Schools can make math visible and accessible by constructing visually engaging, publicly displayed objects that provide a tangible platform for discussion and inquiry.  In joint work with Elisabeth Heathfield, we have been developing and documenting dozens of ideas for hands-on constructions of beautiful mathematical objects.



 Roderick Russell, Mentalist 

 "Magic and Merriment" 

 One of only 50 living sword swallowers in the entire world, Roderick Russell has been described as strangely sophisticated,  successfully blending suggestion and psychology with his own personal mind-over-body techniques to present a show that  bravely pushes the limits of the possible - both physically and mentally. Presenting the most dangerous and bizarre feats with  wit, charm and style, Roderick also deftly navigates deep into the minds of the audience to create the most personal and  profound type of theater experience. Call him a sword swallower. Call him a mentalist.