Field Trips

Isles of Shoals Marine Lab

All participants will take an all-day excursion to The Isle of Shoals Marine Lab located on Appledore Island. Appledore Island is the largest of the nine islands in the Isles of Shoals archipelago located in what's known as the Gulf of Maine to biologists, geologists and oceanographers. Not only is Appledore home of Shoals Marine Laboratory, but its waters, shoreline, rocks and brambles host a myriad of marine and terrestrial animals and plants. The intertidal and subtidal zones are rich in species of algae, fish and invertebrates.




Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA

All participants will head to the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, MA, where we will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes. We will learn about the Harvard Museum’s important research work on a variety of species. We will examine many rare collections that are housed at the museum and have the time to examine the incredible Glass Flower exhibit as well as tour the famous Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.