Exeter Summer focuses on academic enrichment for students who are enthusiastic about learning. We offer rigorous college preparatory courses that take an in-depth approach to their subjects. A broad range of courses allows students to explore new areas of interest and to deepen their knowledge in subjects with which they are already familiar. Because the emphasis is on learning for its own sake, we offer courses for enrichment rather than school credit



Our UPPER SCHOOL offers programs of study for high school students who have completed grades nine through twelve. You may choose to sample several different disciplines, taking courses in such topics as Architecture, Introduction to Italian, and Observational Astronomy.

ACCESS EXETER, our program for students who have completed grades seven and eight, offers accelerated study in the arts and sciences. The curriculum consists of eight academic clusters. Each cluster consists of three courses organized around a central theme. ACCESS EXETER students take part in school-sponsored day excursions which relate to their course of study.