Residential Life

At the end of the five-week session each year, students universally agree that living in a dormitory is one of the most valuable experiences of spending the summer at Exeter. You share a special bond with your dormmates reinforced by events such as dorm barbecues and trips. Living with peers who represent many different backgrounds and interests broadens your knowledge of others and provides important preparation for college. As a student from Virginia said, "Dorm life is great. There are 20 girls in my dorm, and we all know each other so well. I love it!" Day students are affiliated with an assigned dorm and encouraged to participate in dorm activities.

Through dorm life, you have further opportunities to get to know your teachers, who serve as dorm parents and advisers to individual students. In addition to interacting with teachers in the classroom, you will spend time with them informally in the dorm and dining hall, and participate in such activities as the faculty/student soccer game together. The ratio of faculty to students in dormitories is approximately 1:10.

Many summer students have never experienced dormitory life before. Life in a residential school requires you to take responsibility for managing a daily schedule and for meeting the expectations of the school community. We strive to help students adjust to being away from home by providing a number of support mechanisms. In turn, we expect students to check in to dorms by the appointed time, to observe quiet study hours in the evenings, and to abide by school rules.