Soccer - Boys JV

The team draws talent from the U.S. and internationally. Varsity soccer plays inside the Ralph Lovshin outdoor running track. Generous seating is available for spectators. Some games are played on turf in Phelps Stadium.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
09/14/20163:00pmMilton Academy (S)Awaywin symbol1-0
09/17/20163:00pmLoomis Chaffee SchoolHomewin symbol5-1expand arrow
09/19/20164:30pmBelmont Hill School (S)Home2-2 T
09/21/20163:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwaywin symbol3-1expand arrow
09/24/20162:30pmHolderness SchoolHome1-1 Texpand arrow
09/28/20163:00pmGovernors AcademyHomewin symbol4-0expand arrow
10/01/20164:30pmChoate Rosemary HallHome0-0 Texpand arrow
10/05/20163:00pmBrewster AcademyHomewin symbol7-0expand arrow
10/08/20161:30pmNew Hampton SchoolAwaywin symbol4-0expand arrow
10/14/20164:30pmExeter High SchoolAwaywin symbol4-1expand arrow
10/15/20162:30pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolAwaywin symbol1-0expand arrow
10/19/20163:30pmExeter High SchoolHomewin symbol3-1expand arrow
10/22/20164:45pmDeerfield AcademyHomewin symbol2-0expand arrow
10/26/20163:00pmTilton SchoolHomewin symbol4-0expand arrow
10/29/20163:30pmTabor AcademyHomewin symbol5-1expand arrow
11/02/20163:00pmCushing AcademyAwaywin symbol5-1expand arrow
11/05/20162:00pmKimball Union AcademyAwaywin symbol3-0expand arrow
11/09/20162:45pmAndoverHomewin symbol1-0expand arrow
Print Roster
Evans, Ori2018Dallas, TX
James, Nathan2020Exeter, NH
Rodriguez, Gabe2020Madbury, NH
Scronce, Gregory2020Exeter, NH
Morales, Bryce2019Portsmouth, NH 3
Parsons, Drew2019Tilton, NH 4
Roberts, Aiden2018Hope, ME 6
Scott, Teddy2018New York, NY 7
Tang, Josh2020Lee, NH 8
Washington, Kaleb2020Irvine, CA 9
Kak, Aarsh2019Englewood Cliffs, NJ 10
Wynn, Drew2020Exeter, NH USA11
Morris, John2020Newburyport, MA 16
Das, Raj2019Nashua, NH 17
Coogan, Will2020Exeter, NH 18
Holland, Jeb2020Manchester, MA 19
Heidinger, Kerr2020Portsmouth, NH 20
Zhu, Gregory2018Bloomington, IN 21
Haas, Curtis2018Dover, NH 24
Sabalewski, Gavin2019Fremont, NH 26
Kimball, Garrett2019Manchester Center, VT 27
Pangan, Matt2019Exeter, NH 28
Kaya, Taner2019Durham, NH 29
Blaise, Cedric2018Brooklyn, NY 30

Coach: Dan Garvey

Assistant: Filip Sain

Current Record

Wins: 14
Losses: 0
Ties: 2


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