Field Hockey - V

The Exeter field hockey team was the first girls team to represent the Academy when it debuted in the fall of 1970. Since then, the program has focused on developing great student-athletes and leaders. Building community is important to Big Red, and they give back by participating in yearly breast cancer awareness games and hosting food drives. After graduating from the Academy, many former field hockey players have gone on to enjoy terrific careers at the collegiate level, including programs in the Ivy League and the NESCAC League. The team plays and trains on Hatch Field, one of two turf fields on the Academy campus.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
09/12/20183:30pmGroton SchoolAwayScrimmage
09/15/201811:30amMilton AcademyAwaywin symbol3-2
09/20/20184:45pmMiddlesex SchoolHomewin symbol2-1
09/22/201812:00pmCushing AcademyAwayT 2-2
09/29/20182:00pmDeerfield AcademyHomeL 4-1
10/03/20183:15pmBrewster AcademyAwaywin symbol2-0expand arrow
10/06/20183:30pmNoble & Greenough SchoolHomeL 2-0
10/10/20184:00pmPingree SchoolAwaywin symbol3-0
10/13/20183:30pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolAwaywin symbol4-1
10/17/20183:45pmTilton SchoolAwaywin symbol4-1
10/20/20182:00pmBrooks SchoolHomeL 4-2
10/24/20184:00pmKimball Union AcademyAwaywin symbol2-1
10/27/20183:15pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwaycanceled - rescheduled 10/30
10/30/20184:45pmSt. Paul’s SchoolHomeL 1-0
10/31/20182:45pmHolderness SchoolHomeT 1-1
11/07/20184:15pmGovernors AcademyHomeL 2-0
11/10/201811:30amAndoverAway0-1 L
Print Roster
Carlberg, Jamie2022Manchester, NH G
Geraghty, Clara2022Winnetka, IL 0G
Norsworthy-Edghill, Margaret2021Woodbridge, VA 2F
Norsworthy-Edghill, Julia2021Woodbridge, VA 4F
Parla, Rianna2020North Hampton, NH 6F/M
Littlewood, Hannah2019Andover, MA 8D
Anderson, Lydia2019Woburn, MA 10M
Goodwin, Gracie2019Newburyport, MA 11M
Nelson, Taylor2022Hailey, ID 12F
Longfield, Molly2022Woodstock, VT 13M
Griffin, Catherine2019Durham, NC 14D
Dentzer, Beez2020Cambridge, MA 15D
Griffin, Ellie2021Durham, NC 16F/M
Reaman, Tia2021Hingham, MA 17D
Rosati, Sophia2020Newburyport, MA 18F/M
Hillman, Bella2019Rye, NH 19D
Collins, Jane2019Mountain View, CA 21D
Cloonan, Jill2020Woburn, MA 24F
Cohen, Leah2020Allentown, PA 25F/M
Wise, Ursie2021Old Greenwich, CT 99G

Coach: Liz Hurley

Assistant Coach: Melissa Pacific & Mercy Carbonell

Current Record

Wins: 7
Losses: 6
Ties: 2

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