Squash - Boys JV

Squash is an exciting, fast-paced four-wall court game where the ball often flies around at blazing speeds. Twenty boys comprise the ladder of varsity, JV and thirds teams. New players often get hooked because of the competitive play, challenge and energy. Love Gym’s Fisher Squash Center is a fantastic venue for players and fans, with 14 courts and seating for 300.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
12/09/20153:00pmMilton AcademyAwaywin symbol6-1
12/16/20153:15pmGroton SchoolHome2-5 L
01/06/20163:00pmBelmont Hill SchoolHome1-6 L
01/09/20163:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAway2-5 L
01/27/20162:45pmBrooks SchoolHomewin symbol4-3
01/30/20161:00pmNoble & Greenough SchoolAwaywin symbol4-3
02/03/20162:45pmAndoverHomewin symbol7-0
02/06/20163:30pmTabor AcademyHomewin symbol6-1
02/17/20163:00pmMiddlesex SchoolHomewin symbol8-0
02/20/20164:00pmDeerfield AcademyAway3-4 L
02/24/20162:30pmAndoverAwaywin symbol7-0
Print Roster
Assamongkol, Don2019Bangkok 10100, THAILAND
Bhuva, Aum2018Flanders, NJ
Bogardus, Nate2017Woodbridge, CT USA
Breen, Liam2017Hampstead, NH USA
Chan, Weldon2019Hong Kong, HONG KONG
de Haseth, Ryan2018Ocean Ridge, FL USA
Ettinger, Will (Captain)2016New York, NY USA
Foster, Torrey2016Hinsdale, IL USA
Gadde, Vamsi2017Duluth, GA USA
Haigney, Myles2017Boston, MA USA
Hassani, Ali2017Dubai, UN.ARAB EMIRATES
Kacergis, Michael2016Malvern, PA USA
Kahan, Darius2017Boca Raton, FL USA
Kanchuga, Kyle2019Exeter, NH
Kim, JP2018Seoul, 06580, REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Kim, Matthew2016Cerritos, CA USA
Michaels, Sam2019Bangkok 10110, THAILAND
Moe, Andreas2017Mid Levels, HONG KONG
Park, Eugene2016Overland Park, KS USA
Ramesh, Gautam2018Brentwood, NH
Rucker, Stuart2018Paradise Valley, AZ
Tan, Henry2019San Francisco, CA
Tan, Sam2016Sammamish, WA USA
Tercek, Rex (Captain)2016Washington, DC USA
Thanakornyothin, Ta2017Bangkok 10250, THAILAND

Coach: Paul Langford

Manager:  Seongjun Park '16, Andrew Scronce '17

Current Record

Wins: 7
Losses: 4


Students participate in a team or PE course each term