Squash - Girls V

Girls squash has been a strong sport at Exeter with standouts like Demer Holleran ’85, who became one of the most dominant U.S. women’s squash players. Twenty girls make up the varsity and JV teams. Love Gym’s Fisher Squash Center is a fantastic venue for players and fans, with 14 courts and seating for 300. 


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
12/11/20193:30pmGroton SchoolHomeL 4-3
12/14/20192:00pmGroton InvitationalAwayScrimmage
01/11/20202:15pmSacred Heart/Deerfield @ DAAwaySee results belowexpand arrow
01/15/20202:30pmSt. Paul’s SchoolHomeL 7-0
01/18/20203:00pmTaft/Loomis @ LoomisAwaywin symbolSee results belowexpand arrow
01/22/20203:15pmBrooks SchoolAwaywin symbol6-1
01/25/20202:00pmAndoverAwayL 7-0
01/29/20203:30pmDana Hall SchoolAwaywin symbol6-1
02/01/20201:00pmNoble & Greenough SchoolHomeL 2-5
02/05/20204:15pmMilton AcademyHomeL 7-0
02/08/20202:45pmWinsor SchoolAwayL 7-0
02/12/20203:45pmSt. Mark’s SchoolHomeL 5-2
02/19/20203:00pmMiddlesex SchoolAwayL 4-3
02/21/20208:00amPrep NationalsAway@ Wesleyan Universityexpand arrow
02/22/2020TBDPrep NationalsAway@ Wesleyan Universityexpand arrow
02/23/2020TBDPrep NationalsAway@ Wesleyan Universityexpand arrow
02/26/20202:45pmAndoverHomeL 7-0
02/28/2020TBDInterscholsAway3rd place!expand arrow
02/29/2020TBDInterscholsAway3rd place!expand arrow
03/01/2020TBDInterscholsAway3rd place!expand arrow
Print Roster
Baker, Dorothy2022Baltimore, MD
Baxter, Emily2021East Dennis, MA
Boulden, Maya2022Atlanta, GA
Buckham-White, KG2022Smyrna, GA
Fields, Sophia2022Portland, OR
Foregger, Lassiter2023Portsmouth, RI
Fortin, Carolyn2022Ipswich, MA
Hong, Bona2021Seoul 137-831, REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Kaufmann, Charlotte2020Pittsburgh, PA
Kelley, Marcelle2020Tampa, FL
Kierner, Zofia2021Boston, MA
Lavin, Lally2023Fort Lauderdale, FL
Love, Rachel2022Arlington, VA
Manderlink, Kate2022Brentwood, NH
Puchalski, Grace2023Waxhaw, NC
Sung, Danielle2022Seoul 06305, REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Sze, Leandra2022London SW1X 9RP, UNITED KINGDOM
Toledano, Eliya2021Beverly Hills, CA
Vesely, Isabella2023Shorewood, WI
Wang, Athena2023Edina, MN
Weil, Lucy2022Washington, DC
Alla, Asha (Captain)2020Rock Island, IL
Brandes, Anne (Captain)2021New York, NY
Fortin, Catherine (Captain)2021Ipswich, MA

Coach:  Bruce Shang
Assistant Coaches: Mercy Carbonell, Lovey Oliff

Current Record

Wins: 6
Losses: 13


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