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Computer Requirements

Laptop Requirement and Specifications
Beginning in 2016-2017, all students are required to bring a laptop to school. (Please note that students enrolled in Japanese language courses must also have an iPad in order to use the iBooks created for that program.)

The Academy does not require students to own a specific brand or operating system. The device should run the latest available operating system or the one prior. As for software, the Microsoft Office productivity suite is available at no cost to students for their use while at Exeter.  For more information on how to download Microsoft Office, please go to Microsoft Office page.

Information for Incoming Students
Please bring a laptop computer with you to school. Financial aid recipients will receive a stipend towards the purchase of a laptop computer. If you choose to purchase the laptop through our purchase program (see information on Small Dog Electronics below), the stipend is applied at time of purchase in the form of a discount. If you choose to purchase your laptop from another vendor, you will need to go out-of-pocket for the purchase and then submit the receipt to the Financial Aid Office for reimbursement up to the amount of the stipend.

To purchase a computer,  please see any authorized reseller, or visit the Windows or Apple education websites or Small Dog Electronics, an Apple specialist, for the purchase of tablets and computers. To purchase an item through Small Dog Electronics, go to http://pea.smalldog.com/ (Login information is available to students and employees in the IT ExeterConnect site. Parents can email itservices@exeter.edu for login information.) Note: While Small Dog has created bundles (of computers/tablets and cases), you are not limited to these options. You may purchase any item on the website.  When purchasing a computer, IT strongly recommends purchasing AppleCare or a service plan for the life of the computer.

Virus Protection for Personally Owned Computers
Phillips Exeter Academy requires that current antivirus software be installed on any computer that connects to the network, including personally owned computers that connect either remotely or directly. The purchase, installation, and updating of antivirus software on personally owned computers is the owner's responsibility.

Antivirus Software
Norton by Symantec
McAfee Total Protection
AVG Antivirus Protection
Avast (free for PC & Mac)
Sophos (free for PC & Mac)

Learn more about Cyber Security

During the class day, IT support is available in several academic buildings to assist students in connecting their devices to the network and in the use of standard campus applications. A network of peer support is also available in the evening through our “student tech proctors” program in the Library. The Academy also provides online support and instruction (videos and tutorials) through our Lynda.com subscription. Wi-Fi and printing stations are available throughout the campus.  Click on the In This Section dropdown menu at the top of this page for more information on all our services.

Hardware support is the responsibility of the device owner. When employees or students have problems with their personally-owned computers, they need to make private arrangements for support and service.

If a user is unable to connect to the Academy network with their personally-owned computer, IT will troubleshoot connectivity issues.  However, if network settings are configured properly and problems appear to be hardware related, IT will recommend the user contact a vendor or manufacturer.

Our first recommendation is for users to contact the vendor where the equipment was purchased or the manufacturer. If this is not possible, contact the IT support desk at ext. 3693 or itservices@exeter.edu for Exeter area computer repair vendors.

Students may request onsite support by a vendor of their choice at their own expense, but the visit must be scheduled with previous approval of the dorm head.  Students may also meet the technician at the Academy Library.  Please check with library staff for specific information.



Contact IT Support Desk at itservices@exeter.edu, 603-777-3693 or on-campus ext. 3693.