We would like to thank the many talented student photographers and videographers who have agreed to have their work included in the website:

Soh Yoon Ahn '10
Rachel Armstrong '13
Rachel Bleustein '09
Connor Bloom '15
Christopher Brennan '07
Terri Burns '12
Donna Choi '12
Caroline del Real '16
Daniel Hahn '17
Valentin Hernandez '11
Bree Johnson '08
Maya Kim '18
Stefan Kohli '14
Yongbeom (Eric) Kwon '14
Jaemin Lee '09
Sam Lee '08
Adela Locsin '13
Rachel Luo '17
Ihna Mangundayao '13
Conor Moriarty '18
Katrina Morris '13
Michaela Morris '15
Payut (Paul) Pantawongdecha '11
Aya Peters '11
Ida Piyale '15
Aaron Podolny '08
Nathaniel Shepard '08
Lukas Thoms '08
Leela Woody '13
Zig Wronsky '08
Jonathan Ye '15
Matthew Zia '10

Images and video from the following photographers appear on our website:

Dan Courter
Brian Fallon Crowley
Jim Denham
Art Durity
Richard Howard
Dave Jamrog & THESNAPPYTRACKS Recording Studio
Emily Reily
Cheryl Senter
Damian Strohmeyer
Sri Thumati
Bill Truslow Photography

Additional Credits:

Lamont Gallery Exhibitions

College Counseling Office

The icons used are by Mihaiciuc Bogdan and/or Joseph Wain.
PEA campus photo by Jared Saulnier (2010). 

Library General Credits:

Much of the uncredited photography on the library site was taken by Brian Fallon Crowley.

Images from the following photographers appear on our web pages:
Steve Rosenthal
Bradford F. Herzog
Chris Wronsky '71
Bill Truslow Photography

Barbara Hobson
Frank H. Flanders, Jr.
Ginelle Desrochers Harbeson '97
James Tucker

Uncredited historical images were scanned from originals held in the Academy Archives.

The woodcuts of the library used throughout the site were originally created by John DePol.

The white board model of the Class of 1945 Library was constructed by Wendy Kaplan.

The Special Collections section of the website:

The text is by Katherine K. Towler , George Bennett Fellow (1989-1990), contributing editor to The Exeter Bulletin and author of two novels, Snow Island and Evening Ferry.

Except as noted elsewhere, photography is by Brian Fallon Crowley.

Support for development of the Special Collections web pages was provided by E. Harry Close ’54.