• "What's My Day Like?" <BR>Tierra plays cello, dances on the girls step team, loves math and thrives in Exeter's diverse culture. More
  • <EM>The Exeter Bulletin</EM>Exonians Today profiles from the class of 2014. More
  • Global Initiatives17 curricular options on five continents, and experiential learning as far as your passion takes you. More
  • "What's My Day Like?" "Exeter has affected my ability to learn very positively," says Cam, a star athlete, who has discovered new ways to learn at PEA. More
  • Imagine What You Can Discover 400+ courses across 18 subject areas. More
  • Performing ArtsExpanding opportunities for discovery and innovation. More
  • <EM>The Exeter Bulletin</EM>Print to Fit PEA's first 3-D printer challenge. More
"What's My Day Like?" <BR>1 <EM>The Exeter Bulletin</EM>2 Global Initiatives3 "What's My Day Like?" 4 Imagine What You Can Discover 5 Performing Arts6 <EM>The Exeter Bulletin</EM>7


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