• PEA Welcomes Performing Art MastersCinema legend Jean-Claude Carrière, "Breaking Bad" producer Stew Lyons '69, and pianist Sean Chen. More
  • Strange DaysThe Uncanny, the Curious & the Quite Possibly Magical at Lamont Gallery, Nov. 5-Dec. 13. More
  • "What's My Day Like?" <BR>Tamer loves Spanish, hands-on problem solving, and thrives on close friendships with team and dorm mates. More
  • Exeter/Andover Games Nov. 8Watch football live starting at 5:45 p.m. More
  • "What's My Day Like?" Discover why this avid field hockey player loves Harkness math and decided to take Russian for the fun of it. More
PEA Welcomes Performing Art Masters1 Strange Days2 "What's My Day Like?" <BR>3 Exeter/Andover Games Nov. 84 "What's My Day Like?" 5


October 13, 2014

September 23, 2014

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