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The Academy Archives serves as the final and central repository for the historical records of all aspects of the Academy community. It appraises, preserves, and makes accessible a wide range of primary source material relating to the Academy's administrative, academic, legal, fiscal, social, and departmental history. The Academy Archives is also the Academy's corporate memory within the context of scholarly research. It exists to help meet the Academy's legal responsibility to preserve and make available its records in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and to assist the Academy community in documenting its actions and decisions.

Although many Academy Archives collections are described briefly in the Library's online catalog, the full listing of collections and their descriptions is only available through indices and inventories held by the Archivist.


PEA Campus Yard, C.1910Academy Records

These collections include records of the Academy that are identified as having permanent historical, research, administrative, legal, and/or fiscal value. The records provide evidence of the Academy's activities, organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and operations. They exist in diverse formats including paper, photographs, negatives, slides, films, maps, prints, drawings, microfilm, audio and video.

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Prof. Bradbury L. Cilley, c.1880sFaculty Papers

This group includes papers of teaching faculty and professional staff that document the academic and administrative life of the Academy as reflected in the careers of individuals. These collections offer insight into the history and operation of the Academy that otherwise may be lost by relying only on official administrative records. They often reveal ideas and opinions that clarify matters or provide different perspectives from those mentioned in the official records of the Academy. The papers in the collection are representative of faculty and staff who have defined significant ideas, transformed the minds and lives of students, or carried out exemplary service to the Academy or the larger community. Faculty papers are also important for providing insights into the histories of academic disciplines.

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Academy Publications

Academy Publications include materials written, compiled, or produced for distribution by various parts of the Academy. Formats include newsletters, newspapers, announcements, catalogs, bulletins, yearbooks, flyers, directories, handbooks, brochures, guides, manuals, maps, posters, programs, reports, rosters, and other ephemeral material. Some titles are serial in nature, while others are collected individually and accessioned as part of a collection. Although many of these publications may be in other parts of the library system or duplicated in departmental files, the Academy Archives maintains the official non-circulating copy for reference and access in perpetuity.

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1879 PEA Football Players

Records of Student Life and Alumni/ae

Student Records include documentation that illuminates the daily activities and special events of students at the Academy, as well as the alumni/ae organization. These files may encompass personal correspondence and student scrapbooks; biographical material, including vitae; bibliographies, press releases, records of student organizations; photographs of activities and social / athletic intramural events; film, audio, and video records of student performances, group projects or exhibitions; records and minutes of student government and administrative committees; diaries, notebooks, and memorabilia that reflect student life. One publication, which lists the names of all the Academy students, faculty members, and trustees for the years 1783-1903, is available in its entirety for online reading and download. Please click here to access it.

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