The Phillips Exeter Academy websitewww.exeter.eduis designed to be the first point of contact for online visitors. The establishment and modification of pages on is closely monitored as these pages represent Exeter to interested parties throughout the world, including prospective students, parents, alumni/ae, and other academic institutions. Publishing on is regulated by the Communications Office and the Director of Communications. Requests for modifications to the information on this server should be forwarded to the Communications Office.

Unless otherwise indicated, all pages and their contents are copyright the trustees of Phillips Exeter Academy and may not be reproduced without written permission from the Exeter Communications Office. Questions pertaining to copyright infringement should be addressed to Tom Hassan, Phillips Exeter Academy's legal affairs coordinator. While all pages appearing on servers owned by Phillips Exeter Academy must conform to the Academy's acceptable use policy, due to the free-form nature of the web publishing process, the Communications Office is not responsible for the content of pages not residing on nor does the information presented on such pages necessarily constitute official Academy information. Phillips Exeter Academy does not pre-approve, monitor, or edit web pages not residing on The views and opinions expressed are those of the page authors, and comments on the content of those pages should be directed to the page authors.


Departmental Web Sites

Pages on departmental servers are subject to the general guidelines below. Any department wishing to establish a departmental web site must assign a webmaster. Development and approval of content on departmental pages and servers falls to the department chair. Publishing access on departmental servers is managed by the department webmaster.
Students creating web pages as part of coursework or as special projects may, with the permission of the department, have their pages published on the department's server. In these cases, responsibility for content falls to the department webmaster working with the instructor and/or department chair. The names of the department webmaster as well as the page author must appear on all such pages.


Student Organization Web Sites

Student organizations which have obtained official recognition by the Academy may establish a home page on the Exeter intranet, accessible only on campus. Each home page must feature standard content, including a listing of the officers of the organization, its faculty adviser and contact email addresses. It is the responsibility of each organization to upload and maintain its own pages. The faculty adviser of the organization will remain responsible for the editorial content of such pages at all times. Each organization which wishes to participate in this effort must formally designate a web page manager. This nomination is to be approved in writing by the faculty adviser of the organization as well as the Dean of Students Office or its assigns. Each organization home page must feature a footer which gives information about the purpose and administration of the page and the name and email address of a contact.