How To Apply

The nine required components of your application are listed below. Please review the Application Checklist and Application Procedures before beginning the application process.

  1. Applicant Information Form (AIF).
    Exeter is no longer accepting applications for the Fall of 2016.


  2. English Recommendation (This must be from your current English teacher.)


  3. Math Recommendation (This must be from your current Math teacher.)


  4. Extracurricular Recommendation
    All recommendations should be submitted through the on-line system. For detailed instructions refer to the Application Procedures. You might also find the Guidelines for using the Online Recommendation System helpful.


  5. School Report (Completed by a guidance counselor or principal and submitted with transcripts directly to Exeter.)


  6. Transcripts (Including the current marking period as well as the final set for the previous school year only. Must be submitted directly to Exeter by your current school.)


  7. Test Scores  (Test scores are required of all applicants. For the specific details of required testing please review our testing page)


  8. Student Essays (Completed by the applicant)


  9. Parent Statement (Completed by the parent; used by admissions to help us understand how we can best educate and guide a student.)


  10. An interview is required for all applicants. Please refer to our Interviewing page to learn how to schedule an interview.

If you are a musician and are interested in providing additional information to our music faculty, please do so using the Applicant Music Supplement Form. Supplementary music materials are not required. We encourage you to submit the form with a video link if you feel that it will enhance your application. The deadline for submitting this form is January 15, 2017. Late submissions will not be reviewed by the music faculty.

Exeter is committed to addressing sustainability in all aspects of school life. Therefore, we ask that you do not send copies of your certificates and awards. You may use the Extracurricular Activities space on the AIF to tell us about your achievements.