Exonians in review: Spring 2024

May 1, 2024

Alumni are encouraged to advise the Bulletin editor (bulletin@exeter.edu) of their own publications, recordings, films, etc., in any field, and those of their classmates, for inclusion in future Exonians in Review columns.


1954—Robin Magowan. Lifelines: Poems. (Red Hen Press, 2023) 

1958—Bruce Lawrence, with M.A.R. Habib. The Qur’an: A Verse Translation.

(Liveright, 2024)

1962—George Berger, with Katharina Berger. To Steal a Moment’s Time: A Memoir. (Acorn Publishing, 2024)

1965—Hughes Norton, with George Peper. Rainmaker. (Atria Books, 2024) 1966—George Kinder. Reflections on Spectacle Pond: The Weekly Edition and The Daily Edition: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. (georgekinder.com, 2023) 

1967—Dan Kinder. The Crown of Wysdon. (self-published, 2023)

1968—Tony Seton. Do You Mind? (self-published, 2023)

1969—Michael Fossel, editor, senior writer. Aging: How Aging Works, How We Can Reverse Aging, and Prospects for Curing Aging Diseases. (Academic Press, 2024)

1971—Roland Merullo. Dessert with Buddha. (Pfp Publishing, 2023)

1972—Rob Dinerman. A Century of Champions: 100 Years of College Squash.

(Millennium Printing Corp., 2024)

1977—Greg Dale, director, writer. Rules of Living. The bilingual film is being shown at independent film festivals.

1977—Ann Cooper Albright. Simone Forti: Improvising a Life. (Wesleyan University Press, 2024)

1982—Christopher Brown. A Natural History of Empty Lots: Field Notes from Urban Edgelands, Back Alleys, and Other Wild Places. (Timber Press, 2024)

1987—Chris Warner. Rhymes About Nature, Mostly. (self-published, 2023)

1994—Nicholas Weininger, composer. Hakol Hevel (All Is Mere Breath), a cantata. (Navona Records, 2023)

1996—Jasmine Dreame Wagner. “The Storm,” poem. (Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly, Issue No. 40: Water, 2024)

—“Spell” and “Aubade,” poems. (Notre Dame Review, Issue 56, 2023)

—“When I Was a Child I Hid Inside a Tree” and “Opacity,” poems. (Another Chicago Magazine, December 26, 2023)

2000—Dan Pasternack. Slapshot Sisters: Emma’s New Hometown. (self-published, 2023) 

2003—Sara Jane Ho. Mind Your Manners: How to Be Your Best Self in Any Situation. (Hatchette Go, 2024)

2006—Dwight Livingstone Curtis. “Keno King,” short story. (New Ohio Review, 2023)


L.J. Cooper. “Alchemy of the World: André Breton and Hector Hyppolite’s Otherworldly Revolution,” article. (Modernism/modernity, 2024)

—“Parapoiesis: William Blake and Emily Dickinson’s Redemptive Otherworldliness,” article. (English Literary History, 2024) 

Kent McConnell. “Senator Henry Clay’s Death: A Barometer of Piety and Divided Loyalties in Civil War Kentucky.” The paper was delivered at the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association’s national conference in March 2024.

Chelsea Woodard. “Luna Moth” and “Heron,” poems. (Blackbird, Flight v22n1, 2024)—“In the Matter Of,” poem. (In the Tempered Dark: Contemporary Poets Transcending Elegy, Black Lawrence Press, 2024)