Collaborate. It's a way of life.

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Learning is different here. Discover how.

Choose your fun.

This is student life.

It’s work, play and everything in between. Fine-tuned by you. We’ve got your interests covered, with even more to explore.

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Consider this.

Students from 45 states and
Globe - Land
Globe - Ocean
34 Countries
come together in one small town.
Nearly 50% of students receive financial aid.
Nearly 50% of students receive financial aid.
Free for families earning under $75,000
Families earning less than $75,000 pay no tuition.
There's always something to discover.
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450+ Courses
Pursue your interests. Fuel your curiosity.

Be curious.

We’re OK with that.


“Everyone is working to make everyone else succeed,” says Jackson, who finds trust and teamwork throughout campus, from the physics lab to the crew team.