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With more than 1,000 students as your peers, you’re likely to find dozens of friends who share your interests. Our student-led clubs focus on everything from art to zoology, with more popping up each year based on current interests. The Student Activities Office is constantly on the lookout for activities that engage and enlighten.


Nearly 200 student clubs and organizations

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The Exeter Bulletin

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First-year reflections

Preps share highlights of their transition to Exeter.
From fire dancing to Latin competitions, Exeter’s clubs have it all.”
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We have more than 180 clubs, and students are welcome to create new ones. See the full list of clubs

Here's a brief sampling:


  • Students in Dramat, one of the largest organizations on campus, have a chance to write, produce and act in small theater productions, and they get hands-on experience in programming and administration.
  • Outkast, Exeter’s all-male stepping and hip-hop dance group, promotes strength through movement. The team practices and performs together throughout the year.
  • One of several a cappella groups on campus, the coed PEADQUACS perform a wide variety of student-arranged music covering jazz, popular, folk,  golden oldies and show tunes.


  • The Afro-Latinx Exonian Society (ALES) organizes events and discussions, and provides a welcoming atmosphere for students of color at Exeter.
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) supports Exeter’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students and educates the community on relevant topics.
  • The Muslim Student Association supports the Academy’s Muslim community and promotes understanding of Islamic concepts.
  • Each year the Environmental Action Committee (EAC) focuses on a theme, such as alternative energy, and sponsors campus events and speakers to educate about the environment.


  • The oldest preparatory school newspaper in America, The Exonian is published weekly with writing, photography and video produced by students. Serving as a forum for Exeter’s student body, it features extensive news, sports and feature articles. 
  • PEA Life, known as PEAL, is a  full-color magazine published three to four times a year that regularly features art and writing produced by Academy students. 
  • Exeter has its own 100-watt, student-run, non-commercial educational radio station. Members of the WPEA club get on-air studio time to entertain and inform the New Hampshire seacoast community.


  • PEA Quiz Club members cover a wide range of subject areas and disciplines, and their year ramps up toward head-to-head competitions with other schools in the New Hampshire Quiz Bowl.
  • Members of the Astronomy Club observe the sky and its wonders during weekly meetings at Grainger Observatory. When they aren’t viewing deep sky objects, planets and double stars, they’re discussing astronomy discoveries.  
  • Role-playing in Mock Trial is a great way to learn about the law, trial procedure, and how to inhabit a character as a witness. The team competes against other high school teams regionally and nationally.


  • Hike, canoe, rock climb and snowshoe – they’re all possible with the Outing Club, which gets Exonians off campus and into the great outdoors.
  • The Exeter Surf Club provides all you need (wetsuits, boards and transportation) to get into a range of surf conditions. For beginning and experienced surfers alike.
  • Work on your fitness goals with friends. The Exeter Workout Club creates specialized programs to meet your specific needs.


  • Student members in the Exeter Political Union foster diversity of opinion on campus through their work to coordinate campus political groups (such as the Democratic Club and the Republican Club); host local, state and national candidates on campus; and present forums on topics of current political interest.
  • With 75 elected members, the Student Council (StuCo) presents student-initiated proposals to faculty, disburses money to student clubs and coordinates a wide range of student activities. 
  • Exeter Student Service Organization (ESSO) brings to life our school motto – non sibi, or not for one self – with dozens of clubs and projects. Check out ESSO’s clubs and activities