2021 Student Exhibitions

This spring the Lamont Gallery is hosting two in-person student exhibitions: FEMINIST BOOKMAKING & CURATORIAL ACTIVISM and UNCHARTED TERRITORY. 
May 4 – June 1, 2021


Feminist Bookmaking & Curatorial Activism showcases the artist books made by students in “Bookmaking as Feminist Archival Practice: Reinscribing Histories” taught by English Instructor Mercy Carbonell. Students worked from the lenses of critical bookmaking, feminist practice/theory, curatorial activism, personal reflection and the essential need for coalition-creations as a possibility for transformative justice within the socio-cultural dynamics of white supremacy. Within this 50th anniversary of coeducation at Phillips Exeter Academy & within the spirit of legitimizing/unsilencing truth, the artists created unique, sculptural, dynamic “books” inspired by interviews with BIPOC womxn/women, queer & white womxn/women trailblazers within the alumni body & current community. These books are joined by works created by students in the Activism in Art club who created original works exploring these same themes of gender, feminism, race and inclusion.

Participating Artists:

Bookmaking as Feminist Archival Practice Artists: CarlyMae Buckner ’21, Violet Goldstone ‘21, Sarah Huang ‘21, Siona Jain ‘22, Emily Kang ‘21, Hannah Lee ‘21, Charlotte Lisa ‘21, Helena Mandeville ‘21, Nahla Owens ‘21, Keara Polovick ‘21, Annie Shin ‘21, Meredith Thomas ’21 & Sophie Turer ’21.
Activism in Art Artists: Vedika Amin ’24, Eleanor Bolker ’22, Kaylee Chen ’23, Ailla Crossman ’21, Daniel Cui ’21, Frankie Getman ’21, Tina Huang ’22, Sabrina Kearney ’22, Alysha Lai ’23, Hannah Rubin ’23, Danielle Sung ’22, Leandra Sze ‘22, Hansi Zhu ’22 & Sophie Zhu ‘24


Image credits: From top: Books by Emily Kang ’21, Nahla Owens ’21 & Keara Polovick '21, Siona Jain ’22, Sophie Turner ’21 and CarlyMae Buckner ’21.

Annual student art exhibition
May 25 – June 1, 2021


Investigation, research, risk-taking and drive: UNCHARTED TERRITORY showcases the creative outcomes from a period of highly focused artmaking by Exeter students in the ART 500 and 690 advanced studio courses. This school year has been unlike any other. During fall term the Exeter Art Studios were quiet, but that did not mean that the hard work and creative problem solving involved in art making was absent. Students adapted and transformed their dorm rooms, common areas, and even the Academy woods into their art studios. They tackled themes such as identity, isolation, science and wonder while virtually exploring new artmaking processes in their “home” studios. In spring term, studio doors opened once again providing a space for students to collaboratively work, learn, and create in person.

Participating Artists: Ailla Crossman ’21, Daniel Cui ’21, Caroline Huang ’21, Sarah Kang ’21, Eunice Kim ’21, Alexander Knight ’21, Denis Kostakoglu Aydin ’21, JaQ Lai ’21, Morgan Lee ’21, Elijah Lembo ’21, Maia Lemos ’21, Scarlett Lin ’21, Owen Loustau ’22, Andrew Luke ’21, Erin McCann ’21, Matthew Ngai ’21, Junhyung Park ’22, Tessa Shields ’21, Ella Sudduth ’21, Danielle Sung ’22, Leandra Sze ’22, Anthony Tam ’22, Sophie Turer ’21, Gregory Vogel ’21, Ursie Wise ’21 & Audrey Yin ‘21
Art Instructors: Carla Collins, Tara Lewis, Mary Claire Nemeth, Laura Schneider & Cheryle St. Onge

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