Health and Wellness

April 14, 2020

When you give to The Exeter Fund's Health and Wellness designation, your support helps to get students back to the Harkness table, the playing fields, the stage, and all aspects of Academy life as quickly and healthfully as possible.

Last academic year (2021-2022), the Lamont Health and Wellness Center saw the highest volume ever with over 14,000 patient visits. Additionally, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) had nearly 3,500 individual sessions with students. These numbers do not include the countless consultations with parents, faculty, advisors, and off-campus providers and specialists.

The pandemic also prompted the Health Center team to hold thirteen COVID vaccine clinics, run tens of thousands of COVID tests for the entire Academy community, and help with pre-travel COVID preparations for students traveling internationally.

"The Lamont Health and Wellness Center provides medical care, mental health care, athletic training, and nutrition services to all students free of charge. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in caring for adolescents and they find great joy in helping students to become their own advocates for their health and well-being while also providing excellent, timely, and evidence-based care on-campus," says Dr. Katharina Lilly, Academy Medical Director since 2018.

Vital support from The Exeter Fund also sparks collaboration and new programming, all geared towards improving the wholistic health of Exeter students. "We at Lamont Health & Wellness Center really believe in the integration of mental, emotional, physical health, and health of the whole child. We work closely with the medical team, dietitian, and athletic training to make sure we are supporting the various needs of a student at any one time. We also work closely with Health Education & Human Development Department because of their curriculum focus and because they have touchpoints with students across all four grades. We also work with deans, dorms, academic departments, and individual advisors whenever necessary as we all share the mission of supporting students. There’s a team of us, eager and happy to help, and we’re all in the business of helping young people thrive," says Dr. Szu-Hui Lee, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). 

Over the course of last year, CAPS collaborated with four different groups on campus: they partnered with the Health Education and Human Development Department to host a Positive Psychology event which provided experiential learning of skills such as gratitude and mindfulness; CAPS teamed up with the Core Values Project initiative to engage the community in several mental health-centered projects; lastly, they partnered with Active Minds and the Student Council’s Mental Health Committee to host self-care events for students throughout the year. These prevention and education offerings are critical for the health and wellness of the whole community. Upon reflection of CAPS’ engagement in partnerships last year, Dr. Lee says, "We know that we cannot do this work in a silo, so it’s been really great to collaborate and support others who are also promoting important messages of health and wellness – specifically mental health – as we support the student body."

On top of these collaborative efforts, the Academy was excited to provide new resources and programming for students through the Lamont Health and Wellness Center. With eating disorders on the rise, Exeter has improved the staff’s ability to treat patients with eating disorders through professional development and training.

Exeter has also started offering daily restorative yoga classes. The Academy turned a former classroom in the health center into a meditation and yoga room. Two staff members are trained in restorative yoga and students may drop into any class and teachers or advisers can schedule time for their entire group to attend a session together. It is the Academy's hope that this preventative work offers students a chance to restore and recover  as they navigate daily and life stressors and this has proven to be a well-utilized resource on campus.

Gifts to The Exeter Fund provide flexible funding to support staffing and programming at the Lamont Health and Wellness Center and resources that support good mental attitude

Generous donor support to health and wellness helps students stay on campus and get back to thriving at Exeter as quickly as possible with the help of multiple teams of professionals including nurses, counselors, medical providers, athletic trainers, and a dietician. These donations help every student, regardless of medical insurance type, to receive 24-hour access to healthcare from a team that understands and loves to serve adolescents. Their focus is on prevention through education and health resources while also offering care for the unanticipated and unpreventable.

A common thread in students’ reflections on their time at Exeter is how much the experience transforms them. It is tempting to chalk this up to the fact that a lot of growing up happens during high school – which is true – but there is more to it. Your heartfelt support allows us to be a critical part of their development as healthy thriving young adults. Thank you for your care and generosity.


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