Being & Feeling (Alone, Together)


Being & Feeling (Alone, Together)
ENJOY ONLINE - Spring / Summer 2020


Participating artists: Sachiko Akiyama, Andrew Fish, Lauren Gillette, Katya Grokhovsky, Stephanie Misa, Tobias Rud, Cheryle St. Onge, Riikka Talvitie, and Jon Sakata + Democracy of Sound (exeter)/DOS(e) [Elizabeth Kostina ’20, Gigi Gee ’21, Daisy Newbury ’23, Sophie Turer ’21, Chloe Minicucci ’21].


Artists in Being & Feeling (Alone, Together) explore embodiment, emotion, and being: how we make our way through the world, full of feeling, as solitary individuals and together with others. This is not an exhibition on emotions, but rather an experimental platform to contemplate the human condition via themes of longing, memory, regret, hope, ambivalence, and delight. How does it feel to encounter representations both familiar and strange? How do we bring empathic curiosity to our interactions with self and others? The work in Being & Feeling includes portrait sculpture, animation, painting, sound art, video, performance, and photography. The performances, events, and interventions give space for necessary solitude and the opportunity for joyful interconnection.


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Exhibition Overview

Learn more about the Being & Feeling (Alone, Together) exhibition and artists.

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Curator's Exhibition Statement

It was impossible to know that when this exhibition was realized, that it would become eerily prescient, that it would forecast a felt and lived experience, rather than merely a curatorial one...

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by Stephanie Misa

Artist Videos

You can see animations by Tobias Rud, videos by Stephanie Misa and Riikka Talvitie, and experience Jon Sakata’s multimedia installation “ex(i/ha)le”on our Vimeo page.

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Recordings of all of our artist talks from Being & Feeling are available on Vimeo.

360 Gallery Tour

View the Being & Feeling (Alone, Together) exhibition in a whole new interactive way.

Open Letter to (My) Emotions

Writing a letter, can be a powerful form of public or private address, as well as a way of seeking connections with others. 

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Choreographic responses to Being & Feeling (Alone, Together) 

Dances by: Christina Xiao ’21, Brooke Ottoway '23, Khinezin Win '20, Kara Fili, Ann Elliott, Shannon Humphreys & Chris Engles

Read the interviews with the choreographers.

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Special thanks: Beehive Dramaturgy Studio/Jeremy Stoller, John Ellis, Kara Fili, Shannon Humphries, Jake Josef, Image Arts, and the University of the Arts Helsinki/TTOR.