Jason Kang '12

Jason Kang Bicycle
“I was the type of kid who collected caterpillars and watched them become butterflies, and looked at everything I could under a toy microscope.”
Jason Kang Soccer
Outside Guy

Days spent with an “insane amount of time outdoors” included soccer, bicycle riding and fort building.

All in the Family

Jason had fun watching his inventor/professor dad design and draw things, and play with “cool gadgets” in the lab.

Jason Kang Lab
Endless Ideas

By middle school, Jason was drawing an invention every day. “Some were ridiculous, but it was a good exercise regardless.”

“I had a stack of papers with hundreds of ideas drawn out. That helped expand my view of what can and can’t be done. And what makes sense.”
Jason Kang and friends Wentworth
“Exeter was where I really grew up.”
Four-year Volunteer

Exeter Social Service Organization “opened our eyes to how powerful service is,” Including a service trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Trip
Furthering Invention

To create more avenues for idea exploration, Jason founded two student clubs: Invention and Biology Research.

track with friends and Hilary Coder
“Harkness forces you to articulate and learn how to listen, and being in such a diverse student body opens your mind to different modes of thought.”
Jason Kang and friends Wentworth
“At Exeter, I became a more optimistic person, and I learned to put others before myself.”
Columbia Bound

While majoring in biomedical engineering, Jason becomes close friends with two freshmen, Katherine and Kevin, who will later join him for the Ebola Challenge.

Global Startup #1

He co-invents a device for managing postpartum hemorrhage in low-resource areas, and pursues clinical trials in Bangladesh.

“My interest in global health and startups that have a tangible benefit on other people’s lives stems from my experience doing community service at Exeter.”
Play VideoHighlight spray in action.
Columbia Ebola Design Challenge

Jason and his friends develop Highlight, a powder that mixes with bleach to improve decontamination in the field.

Highlight Takes Off

Acclaim leads to news coverage and product validation. The New York Fire Department adds Highlight to decontamination protocols.

“At that point we realized that this was not just a project but a viable business.”
Play VideoKang Kinnos Video
Kinnos is Born

As juniors, the trio creates a company to refine and commercialize Highlight.

“Our goal is to get Highlight to as many people as possible as quickly as we can.”
Play VideoKang Columbia Video
Big Win

Kinnos wins the 2015 USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge, from a pool of 1,500 entries. Their $500,000 grant enables testing in Liberia.

2016 Forbes 30 Under 30

Kinnos gets the nod. The college seniors look forward to 2017, with planned sales to NGOs and pilot testing in hospitals.

Kang, Jin and Tyan at Forbes 30 Under 30.
Patently Excellent

Kinnos is a 2018 Patents for Humanity winner for its ongoing work in fighting Ebola contamination.

Jason in Liberia testing Highlight
Impressive Fellow

2018 Bluhm/Helfand Social Innovation award given to Jason for “building solutions that positively impact the world.”

Jason Kang in a PEA science classroom.
Bringing it Home

Targeted for use in U.S. hospitals, Kinnos announces development of second product, Highlight Wipes, set to launch in 2019.