Peter Chinburg '17

Exeter student Peter Chinburg with flying instructor.
"My mom pushed me to be curious. My dad gave me practical knowledge."
Call of the Wild

Growing up in New England, Peter loves hiking, camping, water skiing and being in nature.

Eager to Build

His father and grandfather mentor Peter in the art and science of building, and teach him to use tools.

Way Things Work
The Sound of Music

Everyone in the family plays at least one instrument. Peter is drawn to guitar and voice.

Learning to Soar

He starts flying lessons in 7th grade and develops an early interest in cars and engines.

Sports for Fun and Leadership

He leads the middle school football team as captain and plays lacrosse.

Exeter student Peter Chinburg in class.
“The diversity at Exeter is huge, something I love.”
Three-Season Athlete

At Exeter, Peter joins the football and lacrosse teams, and adds winter track.

Exeter student Peter Chinburg playing football.
A Cappella and Dancing

Peter sings in PEADs his first year, joins Exeteras the next. By senior year, he is co-head of both. He also dances.

Play VideoExeter student Peter Chinburg at singing rehearsal.
Flying Solo at 16

Peter passes his flying exam, and thrills to the “thinking on your feet” required in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

Exeter student Peter Chinburg received flying license.
“Physics set me on the engineering mindset.”
Self-Taught Inventor

For fun he tests his problem-solving skills with tough design projects, like a self-irrigating garden box that holds 1,200 pounds of dirt.

2016 Social Venture Innovation Challenge

The youngest to make it to the finals, Peter’s team presents “Care Card,” which distributes unused balances from gift cards to people in need.

Design Thinking

Peter and his team create a water dispensing “Hydrodesk” during Exeter’s 48-hour Maker Fest.

Play VideoExeter student Peter Chinburg at Maker Fest.
“Problem-solving gives you a rush.”
Ending on a High Note

As a senior project, he builds a full-scale acoustic guitar, working with his PEA guitar teacher of four years and local guitar makers.

India Beckons

Peter travels to Delhi for an entrepreneurship summer program where he works on solving real-world problems.

“You want to surround yourself with people who will push you.”
Engineering, Here I Come

Peter attends Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he’s focused on entrepreneurship and mechanical engineering.

“I’ll always sing a cappella and play the guitar, wherever I go.”
The Natural Life

After college, he hopes to live in New Hampshire, where he loves easy access to the outdoors, both on the ground and in the air.