Contractor's Corner

Welcome to the resource page for Contractors, Architects, and Engineering Firms.

This site is intended to simplify working at Phillips Exeter Academy by providing standard documents, resource guides, and helpful links. Please check frequently to make sure you have the latest revisions. 

Background Checks and Badging Guidelines
In an effort to streamline our Background Checks and Badging policy, here are some guidelines to follow:

Any vendor/contractor working on Phillips Exeter Academy‚Äôs campus must perform a background check. We do not require the entire background check, simply a signed letter on your company letterhead stating the following:

  • List the name of all employees and the date that the background check was completed on. PEA required this as Background Checks will need to be renewed every two years.
  • The language in the "Sample Letter" must be included.

Type of Background Checks: The Contractor shall be responsible for performing background checks including federal and state criminal and sex offender (CORI) checks on all employees and sub-contractors proposed for on campus work.

Contractor Badges: The general contractor and all sub-contractors shall obtain a photo ID badge from Campus Safety for all employees. The photo ID badge shall be worn at all times while working on campus. The employee shall turn in each badge upon completion of the project or as directed by Phillips Exeter Academy. Please complete the Access Request Form.

Recommended Background Check Companies:

You will be expected to present this letter to Campus Safety when obtaining your badge and submit a copy to the Project Manager or Manager. A badge can only be issued with prior authorization from Phillips Exeter Academy.